I recall the sunrises,

When you rushed from bed, complaining how you needed coffee to see again

And panicked rush to find shoes; damn the socks!

From the kitchen window,

The colors built like a concerto, a harmony of lavender, gold and vermillion

The beach was still far away.

And the coffees promise faded,

The Bitterness and heat tempered with a hint of cream.


I recall the sunrises,

From the beach, my shoulder to yours; the singing gull and swarming surf.

The city was still asleep

Our heels pressed the velvet sand,

The wind frosted your cheeks in patches of carmine; I don’t recall you blinked.

You refused to surrender even a moment

By this light you are eternal,

As though hardly a day had passed since the moment we met.

Those memories are a continuum.


I recall the sunrises,

And the moments selfishly coveted; the first glimpse of day peeking at the horizon was ours alone.

I recall the sunrise.

That a billion arose before us.

A billion more will arise after; That revelation does nothing to diminish their commodity.

They are fragments of the days that accompany them,

They are the  archaeology of lives rushed through life all too quick.

They are the herbs of life’s menu.


I recall the sunrises…

WC Turck


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