Oh, the spin on a hurricane. When it comes to global warming deniers, they spin faster than a Cat 5 cyclone. Joe Walsh, deposed Illinois Republican congressman turned radio propagandist told his audience, as did Limbaugh this week, that a hurricane has not hit the continental US in “over 4000 days.” That will come as a shock to victims of Hurricane Sandy slightly more than 1460 days ago-back in 2012. That flawed, okay, lying statistic is used to prove that rather than an increase in storms as predicted by climate change, that there is no warming. In fact, the intensity of storms has increased as evidenced by a series of super-cyclones in the pacific in  just the last 3 years. Limbaugh, Walsh and others conveniently isolate the “Continental United States,” ignoring that the contiguous US accounts for just 7% of the total LAND area of the planet. Since the planet is roughly 70% water, the US land mass presents a rather insignificant target. Dozens of powerful storms have lashed the Caribbean, Mexico, central and South America, and many more cyclones have pounded the Pacific rim. but then the US. They also fail to  point out that El Nino and abnormally high ocean temperatures affected the formation of storms over the past year to 18 months. Further, a greater amount of moisture in the atmosphere due to warming may have affected the incidence of African atmospheric dust in the Atlantic, which plays a part in storm and hurricane formation. Recall, in an earlier post we pointed out that the environment is not cyclical, but that evolves in patterns, sort of like stairs are similar in shape, but each is higher or lower than the next, and therefore not identical. Finally, oil and anti-warming industry crowd, like Michael Savage and the others this week pointed to the “miniscule” 3 millimeter, or 0.13 inch annual rise in the ocean surface-something, by the way, they were denying completely 2 years ago(See the deniers are evolving too!) over the past 20 years. The number is fairly accurate, but they are counting that you will not comprehend the size and scale of the planet’s oceans,  and the amount of glacial melting it would take to cause such a rise globally. They also rely that you won’t add 0.13 times 20, for a total sea level rise of 2.6 inches, exactly what scientists predicted. The scary part is, they are right. Too many of us won’t do the math…That’s okay, maybe Donald Trump will build a wall.


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