Don’t Throw ex-Trump Supporters Under the Bus! In fact, they made turn out to be heroes, once they can escape the powerful flushing suction that has been the Trump campaign. Bu this year there is an opportunity for Republicans and Independents  who have been supporting Trump, but find that as he descends further and further into the sewer that they would not ultimately risk being judged harshly in hindsight.

In full disclosure, I supported Bernie, beyond the bitter end of his campaign. I am opting for Hillary, though not happily, and I intend to be a thorn in her side throughout a possible win in November. This also is not a backhanded endorsement or encouragement to vote for Hillary. But Trump republicans and independents still have a face saving, and even heroic opportunity in November. at no point in American history has there been a stronger push for third party candidates. I am not a fan of either Johnson or Stein,  but that’s my choice.

There will come a point, and everyone is coming to realize it, that continuing to support Trump will become a point of derision and shame. Trump voters can and should turn out for a third party candidate. If there is enough of  movement, particularly with the lack of inspiration over Clinton, that a third party candidate might get elected. Even if they aren’t elected this time around, Trump voters might set the stage for greater viability for a third party candidate come 2020, and that would be heroic and historic, and we would have trump voters to thank for moving the nation off the duel party hegemony to  a multi-party system. That would offer the American voter in future elections actual choices, instead of two bad choices.


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