O’Keefe Video Shocker? Get in the fight Dems!

Wow, quite a shocker! But here is exactly where the Democrats fail. The so-called Revelations of tapes made by propagandist and convicted scam artist James O’Keefe that Democrats were planning and plotting and scheming against Donald Trump to highlight the idiocy and violence of his band of deplorable should really come as no surprise to anyone. Moreover, what did Donald Trump know about this latest scam by O’Keefe, seeing as how it is intended to directly benefit his campaign? Did Trump help fund O’Keefe?  As for inciting violence? Please! That’s on the Trump people, who also have a penchant and reputation for punching and shoving old women, young Black reporters and others.

O’Keefe, who bills himself as a lone crusader, let slip on the Sean Hannity Show this week that he has a large staff and a dozen attorneys on payroll!. O’Keefe, who was convicted with three others for phone tampering at the office of senator Mary Landrieu, is a republican operative and a darling of FOX News and Rightwing Radio and media.

Is it news to anyone the Democrats would be opposing and planning to oppose the opposition? That’s like condemning the Chicago Cubs for taking the field opposite the Dodgers only to have James O’Keefe release hidden video of the Cubs strategizing on how to exploit the weaknesses of the other team! And I’m sorry, haven’t we been bombarded by the right and the apologists for Donald Trump about his so-called private conversation for a TV show with a camera crew and Billy bush, but O’Keefe’s fictional “Law and Order” insinuations via surreptitious and carefully edited video of truly private conversations is okay? Really?

But as we have seen, especially with convicted fraudster, O’Keefe, and his very liberal editing of conversations are likely illegally taped conversations, as most States have very specific laws regarding the recording of an individual. And while I don’t know exactly we’re all of these conversations were recorded, they all seem to center around Illinois where protesters shut down the Trump rally in Chicago last year(Can you say vendetta?).

Regarding the Trump rally, I can speak authoritatively on that subject as I was one of the protesters physically removed from the protest. Having photographed and videotape large portions of that event, prior to my removal for standing up for the Free Speech rights of a Latina woman who was being threatened and bullied simply for holding up a sign, the people I saw or independent of the Democrat Party and weren’t organized. There were several Muslim young men expelled for simply standing up. There were a handful of young Palestinian women who sat quietly while Trump supporters berated them simply for being Muslim. There were a number of Hispanics angered specifically over Trump’s remarks about Mexicans being rapists and murderers and “some of them” being “okay,” probably. There were veterans and many people of conscience. There were African Americans outraged and concerned about white power rhetoric from the Trump campaign and the tacit approval of heavy-handed police tactics. There were women outraged and concerned about Trump’s comments regarding penalties for women who might choose to terminate a pregancy. There were also large numbers a former Occupy people and Bernie supporters none of whom held any love or loyalty to the Democrat Party. I myself went as a witness, admittedly an anti-Trump.

The bottom line is that once again the Left is not in a fight mode over the meaningless O’Keefe videos. What has O’Keefe revealed? That the Democrats and the left are against Trump? That they are working and organizing against Trump? And that that organizing and strategy is not something that’s publicly shared so that the Trump campaign or Republicans have a chance to react before any of that strategy is implemented? This is really a surprise to anyone? This is exactly what we expect Democrats and liberals to do! We expect our favorite sports team has a strategy, and that they keep it secret until game time.

We expect and what we know the Republicans do all sorts of nefarious things. They invented all the super PACs, the Drudge Reports, Breitbarts,  protect the “Family” councils, militias and dark money funds. So there’s no surprise here.

The fact that Democrats sought to highlight the dangers and weaknesses and illnesses of the so-called Trump movement which they were trying to conceal and which the Press was down-playing is exactly where the Democrats and the right should have been. As I was being led from the UIC Pavilion during the Trump rally by 4 UIC police and 2 Trump security people in a taxpayer paid for event, as revealed to me by a working TSA agent, I made as much noise as possible about My First Amendment rights so that everyone might possibly comprehend un-American nature of what was happening. Violence, racism sexism and more are hallmarks of the Trump campaign. Threats of violence, inciting the worst among us, inspiring White supremacists, dividing the nation along racial lines purely to support and enliven in an orgiastic fashion a really bitter and nasty base of people IS the Trump strategy.

And to think it was only a decade ago that Howard Dean was embarrassed and forced out of the race for whooping it up at a campaign rally to excite supporters. We have gone from that to this? O’Keefe is no story except to shine a light on the filth which has hijacked the Republican Party.

And oh, DNC…where is my $1500?


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