So you want a revolution. First understand that there is no such thing as a peaceful protest, but I’ll get to that in a moment…

I am tired of Stupid on the Right and the Left, and the Middle! Trump wants to “impose” term limits? On a separate co-equal branch of government? I also hear this same garbage from the Left too. It isn’t the perspective of Left or Right, but of the lazy. We already have term limits. They are called elections. Problem is, AMERICANS DON’T F%$#ING VOTE!.

Spoiler alert, that’s how your government gets away from you. Here’s a thought America, when it comes to your government, show up once in a while. But you’ve got other more important stuff to do, like football games, trolling shopping malls or being zombied-out in front of the television. live in a very liberal/democrat area, and last election 11% bothered to vote. For that we got Bruce Rauner and more Rahm Emmanuel. They were elected by about 12% of the total electorate-a minority. And if you don’t turn out to vote, you just get to eat someone else’s crap.

Basic maintenance. You don’t have to polish the car daily, just keep it safe and running, and if in some Christine-like satanic possession your car starts chasing the cat around the yard, be ready to put a brick through the windshield, or bullet in the radiator. But if you ignored the engine light for 30,000 miles or never once changed the oil and it stutters and stalls that’s time to get to work not blow up the garage. When you buy a car they give you a warranty. If you don’t change the oil for 50,000 miles, there is no warranty for that. You’re just an idiot. Your country operates the same way.

Voting is not the end all and be all of your responsibility. I made dozens of calls to elected officials this year, small by comparison to a lot of friends and family I know. And protest should be a constant thing in this country. BE at the ballot box and IN the street, and run from anyone promising a peaceful protest at all costs. Whether a protest is peaceful or not isn’t your call. Your task is to rally people to your cause and be in the street and be in their face, per your rights as described in the constitution, but also because you are a person! If there is violence, that is the choice of power choosing the path of suppression and oppression. If you really believe in your cause, your heels are against the cliff. Resistance means you will not be pushed over the edge lightly.


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