The headline was dramatic and helps feed an anti-immigrant, refugee scare narrative used as a xenophobic fear tactic in the current presidential campaign. Never mind that it really wasn’t about a refugee gone mad, or a terrorist hidden within Syrian refugees. And while the article finally gets around to mentioning that this conflicted and misguided man had been harassed and bullied at work, and even stopped coming to work because of the harassment, it isn’t until 2/3 of the way through the article before that is made clear. Instead, the messaging is about the quiet refugee turned killer, an addendum to the continuing narrative that refugees, immigrants and minorities are quietly biding their time, conspiring to do unspeakable and unpatriotic acts against the suburbs.

“Fekede,” a Kenyan immigrant, the article finally clarified, “complained about a man at work who would intimidate and pick on him. (A neighbor) said Fekede transferred departments but ultimately quit when the problems continued.”

Proof of bias that has become this sinister and sick and un-American narrative about immigrants, refugees, which have merely become tools in an effort to focus White fear in elections. Nothing is said of the real crisis that manufactured fear diverts attention and resources away from.

There are currently some 60 million refugees, according to conservative estimates from the United Nations Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR, fleeing persecution, war and conflict. They are the consequences of, in no small part, the business models of the largest international arms dealers reaping vast fortunes; the United States, Russia, China and European nations being responsible for much of the world’s arms trade. I personally witnessed the complex nature of that business during the break up of the former Yugoslavia, where an arms embargo was used as a profit mechanism, forcing the cost of arms to rise by as much as 25 times.

Millions of displaced persons, many from US or US sponsored wars, as well as oppressive regimes, have been settled here since the mid-Seventies. The US has agreed to sponsor one hundred thousand, a miniscule fraction of the global total now overwhelming the planet. The current conversation, re: diatribe in America regarding refugees might be better spent correcting the cause of much of that flood, that is unrestricted and unrestrained arms proliferation that makes war profitable for a few, and by holding its government responsible for failed policies that instigate global chaos so that oil and weapons profiteers can operate with impunity.


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