Down 40 friends and family since the election for my positions on Race, Trump, Guns and threats to our nation. 8%. A hand full I unfriended including one unnamed who accused me of betraying my race over BLM. One threat, some IM rants. I accept blame. I go at people hard in arguments because I have no interest in passionless people with regards to pressing issues facing our nation. Social media for me has always been about communication with substance, not about kitten videos. To me that feels like social media Prozac. I am not interested in being drugged, but being illuminated. That said, so this is the country now. Are you happy with the way we are going on a social and personal scale? Can you rightly blame Trump or Obama or Hillary or Bernie for that? Or are they only the catalyst exposing each of our personal and communal illness(es)?


Just to be clear, though I call myself a Leftist and Progressive, I hold ultimate disdain for all political parties and movements. I might be a Socialist if actual socialists weren’t naive idiots, bickering with each other about syntax and paragraphs in Das Kapital. I could be a monarchist under a benevolent King or Queen, accept I find it utterly impossible to follow any single person much less groups. I have no interest in following a leader or even having one. Can’t be a Libertarian or anarchist because those are top down organizations deluding themselves with notions of egalitarianism. The Tea Party? The worst of the worst of cult followers who don’t know they’ve been manipulated. Fascism? It’s masturbation into the winds of history. Theocracy? Tantamount to cutting off parts of your own body to eat because you’re afraid of going hungry. Communism is simply a peasant collective and cousin to capitalism. Both devour themselves, just at different rates. Republicans and Democrats? Marketing and PR firms with the power of the state to crush dissent and true choice. As antithetical to actual freedom and justice as a vendateria is to fine cuisine. That brings me to pure democracy. Tried it with Occupy. Works for a while, until people find they can make money and have power. I watched as Occupy dissolved into a hierarchy of a few and then nothing. So what to do then? Use each of them interchangeably as tools not as belief systems. Discard when useless, store in the attic when unnecessary, replace when broken, update and reinvent regularly. Or stepping stones, if you will, their value only is in their proximity and convenience in getting you across the river.

So Trumpers eschewed Hillary because she was “doing business” and enriching herself through the office of Secretary of State are willing to ignore Trump already cashing in for his business as pervert in chief?

Trump, meanwhile, used a meeting with a delegation of Brexit activists including his closest British ally, Nigel Farage, to urge them to oppose wind farms which he felt would spoil the view from one of his Scottish golf courses. He also took time out from selecting cabinet officials to meet his Indian business partners and pose for pictures with them, while the Philippines government announced it was appointing his business partner in Manila as its next ambassador to Washington.

A day after a phone conversation between President-elect Trump and Argentinian president Mauricio Macri, Trump’s Argentinian associate – who was reported to have organised the call – confidently predicted that construction would start next year on the planned Trump Tower Buenos Aires, to be completed by 2020.

The associate, Felipe Yaryura, seemed supremely confident that the zoning restrictions that had stalled the project for years would soon be swept away.


Trump Advisor Stephen Moore Lied about Coal Jobs. Spoiler Alert: Not Coming Back

Trump Advisor Stephen Moore Lied about Coal Jobs. Spoiler Alert: Not Coming Back

This morning an a local Chicago radio program more indications the Trump economy has already veered off the tracks, driven there by ideological rather than empirical advice from Heritage Foundation economic propagandist Stephen Moore. He again guaranteed reviving coal jobs in America, despite a reality that through economic rather than climate change realities analysts agree those jobs are gone forever. More went so far as to say that China was increasing its own output of coal by 25%. Not true.

China’s coal out put has declined year over year. The decline was more than 30% in 2015 according to Fortune magazine, and was already down by 11% against the 2015 numbers as of April 2016.  That represents a decline of more than 40% in a 16 month period as China sought to balance pollution and economic concerns. China has advocated for a slight increase in output but  as a means of stabilizing prices through the winter season where output is highest. The overall commitment to Green energy solutions, with more than $100 billion in Green energy investment. China’s solar capacity increased by 74%, while wind energy capacity increased by 34%

What makes the Trump/Moore so-called commitment to coal jobs so cruel, first is that it was simply a populist vehicle to pummel Hillary Clinton, after her ridiculous comments on coal jobs, which were rightly seen as a direct attack on miners. The truth is, however, that the economy increasingly is pulling away from the coal industry, which saw high profile bankruptcies, not do to so-called Climate Change alarmism, but instead market realities and ever increasing irrelevancy through divestment in an antiquated technology.

What More and Trump are proposing, instead is more big government and welfare handouts to mining communities better served by education, retraining and reinvestment to meet changing market realities. Essentially, they are pandering to the hopes or hopelessness of coal miners, and perhaps subsidizing coal company Trump donors, by pouring taxpayer money into the greatest money pit of our time. Maybe Trump is draining the Washington swamp only to refill a new one in coal country?

War with Iran…

War with Iran…
I have been researching the geo-politics of a Trump administration war with Iran, which I predict will happen within the next year to 18 months while Trump still maintains his honeymoon with Republican dominated Congress. Here is how I believe that eventuality will take place.
Saudi Arabia will support an attack on their enemy Iran by the US, after some “Trumped” up incident or provocation. Russia will also support, despite their friendly relationship with Iran, likely for Trump to abandon any interference in Russia’s move to consolidate strategic alliance by supporting Syria’s Assad against ISIS and pro-democracy rebels in Aleppo. Russia would act as pretend peacemaker while we destabilize and dismantle through a war-like Iraq-the ruling council. Russia would gain HUGE advantage over access to the Persian Gulf ports and Iranian refining. Currently Russia must us the Arctic ocean and the NATO ally-controlled Turkish Bosporus as a warm water route out the Black Sea.
Though Putin has pressed and cajoled and romanced Trump into undermining US commitment to NATO, causing Turkey to look north to its Russian neighbor, the route is still too much of a variable for Russian strategic and oil-economy interests.
Worst of all, in this scenario, Israel would move against Gaza under the pretext of security, since Iranian allied Hezbollah and Hamas and the PLA might retaliate against US ally and Russian regional partner, Israel. The goalpost for Israel would be twofold; to deal a deathblow to Gaza and the Palestinians, and forever end debate about a two-state solution and second to seize control of southern Lebanon who has contested Israeli claims and exploitation of the reserve. The mapped reserves currently show oil and gas fields, throughout the eastern Mediterranean, and major fields directly off Gaza’s coast. Conservatively, the value of the fields is estimated as high as $100 billion Dollars.
Image result for isis controlled territory oil and gas fieldsISIS, not unlike the national players in the murderous competition of oil and gas, is the trailer trash side of that same coin. Their focus and strategy has been on control of the Euphrates valley as the primary source of water through Syria and Iraq, with a historic infrastructure, but also to control local oil and gas fields, which they use as their primary means of funding in Blackmarket sales of oil which eventually end up in the tanks of European and middle eastern cars and for gas that heats homes through out the world… 
*Levant basin map courtesy of  US Energy Information Administration
**ISIS territorial map courtesy of Money Jihad

Space is not nothing, but something: A Paradox to Blow Your Mind…

Space is not nothing, but something: A Paradox to Blow Your Mind…
While the arduous task of editing my new novel “The Assassination of Baby Hitler: A Love Story” is complete, great care continues in rendering aspects of the novel correctly. I have been checking and rechecking the Physics and Science behind the novel I have come to two fundamental questions. The first is that we have a dismal understanding and definition of what space is. That is, what is the definition of nothing now that we know that what we describe as space is not nothing, but instead something? Confused? Think of it like this, is the Universe empty or is it filled with itself, at least in comparison with whatever exists outside the Universe? The so-called nothing we describe as space is fundamentally different from what lies beyond the edge of our expanding 14 billion year-ish old Universe. And if the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? And finally, what day was the Universe born? shouldn’t we have an annual day celebrating the birth of the Universe? What does one get for the universe that gave you everything?   

FACEBOOK Censored one of my posts about Melania Trump.

FACEBOOK Censored one of my posts about Melania Trump. To be clear, I didn’t photoshop her head onto a monkey’s body as the Right has done with Michelle Obama millions of times. I simply shared one of dozens of images Melania posed for that anyone on the planet can and has Googled.
This is the image we project to the world. The Right employed sewage attacks against a decent family in the white house. When you elect a President, its like getting married, the whole circus comes with. I am fighting these people on every level. We have two prostitutes in the white house now, and they are both married to one another. Am I they only one disgusted by that fall from decency? Look beyond the outrage of the day to the far bigger picture, and that is we are who we elect. There was no outrage-publically- about the birther movement or portraying Michelle and Barack as monkeys, or attacking their children, by the same people who put Trump in office, and Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and Sean Hannity, or even FOX. This has been sent to me by friends from around the planet all with a resounding…REALLY? It is about the reputation of the nation. This is about decency. It is about calling out the monkey’s banging on suit cases in fake outrage over a BIG government they were too lazy to care about and so they bought garbage from a door to door con man. We had standards and decency, but Trump people sold them for feel-good flag waving small town plastic patriotism, while their jobs evaporate, their incomes decline, their healthcare disappears and their retirement and 401ks are looted. Not a word about the earlier post two days ago about the woman who called Michelle Obama an ape. selective outrage? Not buying it.