Green, Libertarian Party Candidates Square Off in Key Illinois Senate and Comptroller Races


Chicago, November 4rd- Libertarian and Green Party candidates will square off Friday, November 4th in their first and only face to face debate before the election. The debate will begin at 630pm at 2201 West North Avenue, in Chicago. it will be broadcast live on Youtube at the Veracity in Defiance Channel, and on Facebook at the Illinois Green Party and Illinois Libertarian Party pages.  The event will be open to the public, though seating is limited. In the first segment candidates from Illinois Comptroller, Claire Ball(Libertarian) and Tim Curtin(Green) will meet. They will be followed by Green Party Senatorial candidate Scott Summers in a face to face with Libertarian challenger, Kenton McMillen. Afterwards the candidates will field questions from the audience.

This will be voter’s last opportunity to hear from all of the candidates prior to the election. Given that the candidates differ sharply on key issues the debate will prove rousing and impassioned. Among the issues the candidates will respond to will be Whether of not to reform or scrap Obamacare, the Second Amendment, Tax Reform and solutions to Illinois debt and pension issues. The debates will be moderated by Kit Cabello and WC Turck.

“Key to this debate will be a focus on substance and the issues, “ Turck told Veracity in Defiance, an independent news group in Chicago. “Kit and I will be fact checking out of respect to voters so that they can make the most informed choice possible at the ballot box.”

The public is encouraged to attend and participate. From home viewers may tweet questions for the candidates to Veracitydefy #3pv . All those in Attendance are encouraged to arrive by 6pm as the debate will begin promptly at 630 and will last until 8pm. The event will take place at 2201 West North Avenue in Chicago. More information can be found at Veracity in Defiance on Facebook.

Veracity in Defiance formed in 2016 as an independent nont-for-profit news and investigative reporting organization with Dan Leupker, Maurice Randle and debate co-moderator, Kit Cabello. Cabello is an ex-Marine, and an Iraq War combat veteran. WC Turck is a Chicago author and blogger and former talk host.


Kit Cabello 312-285-5364

WC Turck  773-341-8919



To view the program on Youtube:

WC Turck:

Illinois Green Party on Facebook:

libertarian party of Illinois on Facebook:


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