(WARNING VERY EXPLICIT LANGUAGE): Trump will save the nation cuz he’s a straight talker? Then here’s some straight unfiltered talk. Had several trolls friend me on Facebook. A couple I have linked to militia groups. Intimidated? Fuck them. I have been pulled off trucks and busses in warzones at gunpoint by people who wholesale slaughtered entire communities, so fuck you and your guns. I am afraid of my wife-PERIOD.  For all of the little white militia sleepy heads…you wallowed in sports and your own self interest as a self-centered coma of sugar, consumerism and schlock created by the media (and THE APPRENTICE Trump also) to distract you while they picked your pocket. Suddenly you’re awake, after never voting, never paying attention and only watching the news for lottery tickets, or at the very least thinking that being a citizen means showing up one every 4 years.
He’ll make America great again? He hasn’t ever made anything great. 4 fucking tax-payer financed bankruptcies. All of his shit, the steaks, the water, the casinos all went bust. How the fuck do you lose money at a casino? He told Scotland he’d create 6000 jobs and he created 95…part time. 95, you zombie retard.  Wake the fuck up! He’s a used car salesman selling you a lemon, but you want to be the big pimp on the block, so you’re trading in your mule for the lemon. You rube.
Now you want to take your fucking country back? Your country is gone. It’s wreckage that has to be rebuilt, which takes stamina, skills, knowledge and maturity, while you pricks play video games. You YOU, abandoned it long ago. You YOU belittled the people in the street protesting the government years ago, didn’t give a shit about Edward Snowden, crime, poverty, race as long as your fridge was full of cheap beer and your face stuffed with processed crap. You, YOU called the people fighting for freedom and justice hippies. Better a pot smoking hippie that a know nothing, part time American.
Here’s a bit of news FREEDOM ISN’T A CHOICE BETWEEN DISNEYLAND AND DISNEYWORLD, OR HOW MANY CABLE AND PORN CHANNELS YOU HAVE. It isn’t all the trailer-park cheap wondrous Chinese imported shit at Walmart. FREEDOM is hard fucking work done by mature intelligent people. You’re a rube. You’re an impediment to the work of running a country. You are the assholes whose eyes glazed over when many of us said the banks are too big, your benefits and pay are too low and bought everything the bosses told you, like some back alley puppet with a fist up your ass, even while they were tightening that fist inside your gut more and more every day. They told you to scoff about free education while their paid people in government stole all your wealth and gave it to corporations and banks who literally dick-slapped you in the face with your own money. Freedom is defended in the street, on the phone and in the ballot box.
Your bullshit freedom isn’t for ALL Americans, just the ones you accept. When a Black man throws a rock for his freedom he’s a thug. When white militias point guns at police when some panzy-fuck rancher squats on land owned by all of us, they’re freedom fighters. That difference either makes you a hypocrite or an idiot, and maybe both.
So now the solution is with a gun for everything, you frightened little pussies. You are a threat to the people who have been doing the real work, alone, of fighting for a democracy, or republic, or whatever you want to argue over. You’re a threat because now those people have to keep looking over their shoulder should one of you cocksuckers trip in a Starbucks and accidentally shoot someone. And don’t tell me about GOOD GUYS WITH GUNS, because everyone of you gun fags turned and ran last summer in Dallas. Freedom isn’t won by a gun, it is lost to the gun. And please save the greatest generation bullshit. Communist China, Bulgaria, Hungary, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia also won the second World War, you myopic retard. Blacks came home from the war to Jim Crow the KKK, segregation and being barred from the GI Bill.
This has become a nation of tantrum throwing brats, grabbing guns when they don’t get their way. These Trump militias who will skulk around polling places for virtually non-existent voter fraud. You are terrorists and cowards, which are the worst kind of terrorists. At least fucking Neanderthal ISIS have the guts to blow themselves up, you motherfuckers show up with elbow and knee pads helmets, goggles and  a useless insurance card.
Intimidate me? shoot me. You’ll be doing some beneficiary in my family a windfall favor. Put me out of my blood pressure misery, but if you think I’m intimidated by a bunch of gun fags: Fuck you. I have been yanked off trucks and buses at gun point in actual war zones by men who committed actual genocide by the thousands, with their mass graves not a thousand yards away. I was a phone call away from trekking 10 miles at night, through a Rwandan jungle, with militias on the loose to bury a friends parents in a village of the dead. intimidate or frighten me. Good fucking luck.
You sold your freedom for Cheetos and stretch pants, big screen TVs and useless SUVs to haul around your collected shit like some urban armored squirrel. Picking up a gun and voting for Trump, or just being an asshole, you YOU defend the very system set to oppress you. You were the fool, because they led you down that path with trinkets and fool’s gold and you followed because books and science and college is for elites. You are the slaves, because you bought verbal diarrhea as fresh water, and you keep telling yourself to ignore the taste….idiots.

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