…lost the election, or at least the electoral college. The Transpacific Partnership died quietly today. Opposition to the trade agreement was exclusively a Progressive cause several years ago when the Tea party, Trump and the media were absolutely silent on the issue. Candidate Clinton’s pallid public position and president Obama’s aggressive efforts to pass the TPP only became an issue on the right when Trump seized upon the discontent of Bernie Sanders supporters following the debacle of the democratic primaries. Had Hillary seized upon the issue and come out solidly against the TPP the Dems might have prevented the issue from becoming co-opted by Trump and the Right. In the beginning Republican lawmakers were strongly in favor of the TPP, while opposition by constituents had set off something of a civil war among Democrat lawmakers.

It took the election and Trump’s victory and evaporating support for TPP on the Right for president Obama to admit quietly that the agreement was effectively dead, despite the long-time Progressive and leftist outcry, including millions of phone calls, demonstrations and petitions against the TPP. Had Obama even considered that early opposition and had Hillary taken an unequivocal position, millions of disenfranchised progressive voters might not have sat out the election (Believing there was no actual difference between each party) or switched votes to Trump or an alternative party.

Hopes that the democratic party might have proved more sympathetic to the Progressive left were lost when they failed to hear the issues critical to that hardly ideological base. The Dems had to show their sincerity as the party of the Progressive Left. They failed to do so on a host of issues.

TPP was one issue that the Dems squandered and betrayed the support of Progressives. The list of Progressive issues betrayed grew long and bitter, beginning with the so-called bailout, re: handouts to the banks and Wall street while abandoning tens of millions of  struggling Americans. Deportations were ramped up to historic levels under Barack Obama, which many Progressives viewed as penalizing what amounted to the economic and civil rights refugees of misguided US foreign policy. Efforts to close gun loop holes pouring weapons into the streets of economically abandoned communities, and the lack of transparency and devaluation of a war industry during the 2011 NATO summit in Chicago, as well as Obama’s frontal assault in discrediting the Occupy movement cost the Dems dearly. DNC chairwoman Debbie Wassermann-Schultz aggressively intervened to undermine a viable candidate in Bernie Sanders. Schultz, who was reportedly deeply invested in corporate prisons, also undermined conversations on the morality of those prisons. The Progressive Left saw Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning’s revelations regarding privacy and the cover-up of US war crimes as critical conversations about the moral and legal health of the nation, where Clinton and Obama  called them criminals. In fact, whistle blowers, essentially people calling 9-1-1, were targeted aggressively during the Obama years, a policy which will continue apace under Trump. Last, and most recently, Clinton and Obama failed to recognize how important the Dakota Access Pipeline protests were to its base. the Dems effectively turned their back on that issue.

Certainly all that takes place in a larger environment defined by a corporatized media capitulating to and beholden to the undemocratic centers of power and wealth vying for control of the nation to the detriment of average everyday American citizens on the Left and the Right. The Republicans opposed Obama at every turn, but that only goes so far, and the Dems must accept responsibility for their actions and positions and a fundamental failure to hear the American people.

In the aggregate, the Obama administration, supported by Clinton, the DNC became further evidence on who deeply the government has been co-opted and corrupted by money to the detriment of the people. So far, the Dems are pointing fingers. The DNC blames this group or that group without a shred of internal reflection. In the view of the Dems and the DNC, other people lost the election. In fact the reverse is true; the DNC lost the people, and that, in no small part, cost them the election


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