FACEBOOK Censored one of my posts about Melania Trump.

FACEBOOK Censored one of my posts about Melania Trump. To be clear, I didn’t photoshop her head onto a monkey’s body as the Right has done with Michelle Obama millions of times. I simply shared one of dozens of images Melania posed for that anyone on the planet can and has Googled.
This is the image we project to the world. The Right employed sewage attacks against a decent family in the white house. When you elect a President, its like getting married, the whole circus comes with. I am fighting these people on every level. We have two prostitutes in the white house now, and they are both married to one another. Am I they only one disgusted by that fall from decency? Look beyond the outrage of the day to the far bigger picture, and that is we are who we elect. There was no outrage-publically- about the birther movement or portraying Michelle and Barack as monkeys, or attacking their children, by the same people who put Trump in office, and Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Michael Savage and Sean Hannity, or even FOX. This has been sent to me by friends from around the planet all with a resounding…REALLY? It is about the reputation of the nation. This is about decency. It is about calling out the monkey’s banging on suit cases in fake outrage over a BIG government they were too lazy to care about and so they bought garbage from a door to door con man. We had standards and decency, but Trump people sold them for feel-good flag waving small town plastic patriotism, while their jobs evaporate, their incomes decline, their healthcare disappears and their retirement and 401ks are looted. Not a word about the earlier post two days ago about the woman who called Michelle Obama an ape. selective outrage? Not buying it.

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