While the arduous task of editing my new novel “The Assassination of Baby Hitler: A Love Story” is complete, great care continues in rendering aspects of the novel correctly. I have been checking and rechecking the Physics and Science behind the novel I have come to two fundamental questions. The first is that we have a dismal understanding and definition of what space is. That is, what is the definition of nothing now that we know that what we describe as space is not nothing, but instead something? Confused? Think of it like this, is the Universe empty or is it filled with itself, at least in comparison with whatever exists outside the Universe? The so-called nothing we describe as space is fundamentally different from what lies beyond the edge of our expanding 14 billion year-ish old Universe. And if the universe is expanding, what is it expanding into? And finally, what day was the Universe born? shouldn’t we have an annual day celebrating the birth of the Universe? What does one get for the universe that gave you everything?   

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