There is no such thing as peaceful protest. Ghandi supported and praised Indian freedom fighters who used violent means. The peaceful Ghandi is a myth to disarm activists for truth and justice. Martin Luther King jr. at the end of his life was coming to a more stalwart and less yielding Malcolm X approach to Civil Rights. I will march. I will agitate, but I will not surrender an inch of ground, because the stand against injustice is already a stand with my back to the wall or my heels to the cliff. for those I fight for, they have no place to retreat to but the grave. As a protester demanding justice, my task is to apply pressure against an unjust system. It is the state or the oppressor, or the system or the tool of the oppressor whether or not a protest becomes violent. Violence is not the choice of the oppressed. It is the tactic and the tombstone of the oppressor. Stand your ground in the fight for justice. let love and light and inclusion and peace be your standard. do not yield. Do not bargain. Be the champion of the weak, the voiceless. Empower the forgotten, the marginalized, the disenfranchised. Peaceful protests are for clowns and children.


The Universe is fantastic, and even a basic understanding really underscores how silly everything we understand is. If the proton in an atom was the size of a baseball it’s penny-sized electron would be a mile away. In between there is nothing. The electron orbits at such magnificent speed as to create the illusion of something we call matter, which becomes us and the world giving us life and possibility. Neither proton or electron are solid, but instead constrained little packets of energy. They are an illusion; Ghosts, like economy and politics, love and hate. All that we see and feel and experience arises from within the Universe’s grand illusion, which, if understood and comprehended properly, makes every possibility a reality of simple choice…

Are Obama’s Russia sanctions an attempt to disrupt a Nuclear First Strike under Trump by the US with a follow on strike by Russia? China is disrupting efforts by OPEC, including Russia, to raise oil prices. Russia badly needs that revenue, hence the support for Trump and EXXON CEO and Russian biz partner Rex Tillerson who would lift sanctions against Russia and look away as Russia continues its aggressive strategic influence effort with Turkey, Iran and Syria. Russia benefits greatly with a broken China. Trump has surrounded himself with hawkish generals and advisors vehemently anti-China, who doubtless believe conflict with China is inevitable. Taiwan is the flashpoint, Chinese military assertions in the pacific the excuse. China has 200 total nukes, perhaps 75-100 capable of hitting the US against our 2000+, plus our better missile defense. They will greatly upgrade their naval capabilities over the next decade, but are currently outmatched by US Pacific forces. A case could be made by his advisors of a first strike now before China grows stronger. Immediate casualties in US, 6-10 million, with lethal fallout contaminating much of the nation for decades. Most the dead would be in large urban areas that tended not to support Trump. China casualties, 20-40 million, but with greater devastation to infrastructure, industry and leadership, and a likely break up of the country.

Admittedly, this a bit on the fringe, but as an artist, painter, copywriter, playwright, author and on again/off again poet, I have struggled for a comprehensive definition of art and why it is so essential to humanity. Here goes: It occurs to me that all fiction, poetry stand up, spoken word and music is structured like an orgasm, stay with me, but the content of that art, of all the books ever written, all the plays ever performed and all the music ever written are lamentations and exultations for love and against solitude. Think of a sheet of music, basic and undefined with the empty lines and measures, but add notes, melody, rhythm and meter and the music’s fullest expression begins to take shape. That makes art intimately human on two levels. On one level, it is tied to our instinctual side, grounding us fully to the world, and to the imperative to bond, while on the other expressing as nothing else can or succeeds in rendering the spiritual part of our humanity. We are our bodies and our spirits all at once. Eschewing one for the other or ignoring that intimate connection means a focus has shifted too much to the self, from which all conflict arises. Art bridges that gap, translating the language of the body into the song of the soul-that one was for my wife, who trained as a Latin dancer…

Trump Trailer Parks Solemn Inauguration with Who?

Trump Trailer Parks Solemn Inauguration with Who?

Franklin D. Roosevelt — 1941
At FDR’s record-breaking third inauguration, Mickey Rooney performed.
Dwight D. Eisenhower —1957
Contralto Marian Anderson sang “The Star Spangled Banner,” at the Capitol during Dwight D. Eisenhower’s inauguration
John F. Kennedy —1961
Marian Anderson performed at the Inauguration ceremony, while Frank Sinatra performed at the Inaugural Gala.
Lyndon B. Johnson —1965
His inauguration included performances by the US Marine Band and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir
Richard M. Nixon –1969
The U.S. Marine Band and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performed at the ceremony.
Richard Nixon — 1973
Ethel Ennis performed “The National Anthem.”
Ronald Reagan — 1981
Ethel Merman performed “God Bless America” at the Inauguration Ceremony.
Ronald W. Reagan — 1985
Jessye Norman performed “Simple Gifts” from Aaron Copland’s “Old American Songs” at the Inauguration Ceremony.
George H.W. Bush — 1989
Barbra Streisand performed at George H.W.’s Inauguration Gala.
Bill Clinton —1993
Marilyn Horne was a personal friend of Bill Clintons and performed an American medley at his Inauguration Ceremony that included that included “Simple Gifts” by Aaron Copeland and “Make a Rainbow” by Portia Nelson.
During his 1993 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton dubbed Fleetwood Mac’s “Don’t Stop” his official campaign song. Although they hadn’t performed together since 1982, they agreed to play at his 1993 Inauguration Gala.
During Clinton’s Inaugural Concert, Bob Dylan stood in front of the Lincoln memorial with an acoustic guitar and performed “Chimes of Freedom.”
Bill Clinton — 1997
Jessye Norman performed a musical selection at the Inauguration Ceremony once again. Her first time performing was about ten years earlier, during Reagan’s inauguration.
George W. Bush — 2001
While the majority of the Inauguration was performed by choirs and military members, President George W. Bush held a star-studded Inauguration Concert, with artists ranging from Ricky Martin to Jessica Simpson to 98 Degrees (as requested by his daughter).
George W. Bush — 2005
Performers at this Inauguration Ceremony included Susan Graham, Denyce Graves, and Bradley Bennett.
Barack H. Obama — 2009
Aretha Franklin performed “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” during President Obama’s inauguration.
Barack H. Obama — 2013
Today, Kelly Clarkson wowed the audience with her rendition of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee,” while Beyoncé stunned with The National Anthem. (Source:

And so, a sign that Trump’s presidency is illegitimate, they are struggling to book performers for the inauguration, which has never before happened in US history. Right now it looks like Kid Rock and Vietnam draft dodger, Ted Nugent. Making America great again?

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The First Christmas: A Reading from the Book of Trump

The First Christmas: A Reading from the Book of Trump

Gather ’round children, I’m going to tell you the most amazing Christmas story ever, ever, ever told.

Once upon a time there was this crazy cat named Jesus. No, the other pronunciation, the Jew one, not the rapist murdery one like the Mexicans send over the border…not their best people. Hold on, that’s brilliant. Let me tweet that out.

Where was I, oh yeah, the greatest, best Christmas story-ever!

So Joseph and Mary are travelling to Bethlehem in search of a place to stay because the government is taking a census, and its bad, because Mary is knocked up, and the Roman government is too big. Like the Roman I.R.S., which we are going to totally get rid of. And Mary can’t go to a hospital because of Obamacare, which back then was call Augustuscare. Bad. Very bad.

But there was no place to stay (Note to self: Put up resort in Bethlehem) Besides that, the place is crawling with Palestinians, some of who are bad people; very bad. That’s okay though, Joseph is packing heat, which is the god-given right of every American, and we all know Joseph and Mary were American, because they were white.

So they go to one last place, probably a Holiday Inn, which is how it got its name, and  a guy says “No room at the inn, whitey. Sleep in the barn with the animals. Black Lives Matter!”

Joseph starts to draw on the guy, but Mary, who is about to pop, says “payback comes later. Right now I gotta have this kid ’cause it’s the son of god, and my water just broke, anyway.” Joseph holsters his Glock, for now. He has to stand watch, after all because of the Palestinians, like I said, but also the Lying media, Liberals and atheists, who don’t believe in Jesus.

So Mary is pushing out the son of god, and she’s swearing up a storm. And there is like some animals and a couple of shepherds and stuff, ’cause who doesn’t like to look at a p-word now and then. And let me tell you, kids, when you’re a rich guy, babes will let you do more than look!

Still keeping an eye out for democrats and the media, Joseph cuts the cord and ties it off, and then they put the kid in a manger with hay, which I would never allow at Trump Resorts. Suddenly three wise guys appear: Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Vladimir Putin, and they say “Behold, the son of god, Jesus-the Jew pronunciation, not, you know…”

And the wise guys brought gifts: Gold, Frankenstein and more. And Newt stepped forward and said “Here, take these gifts, you are the son of god, the god who hates gays and transgendered bathrooms, loves banks, money and the Second amendment, leads us into battle and wants to see America return to “traditional” values.” Wink, wink.

Then Putin says, we can use him in Russia too, right, as soon as we work out the licensing and royalties on use of the baby messiah? With that they popped a bottle of the best Champaign I had sent over, I mean, top notch; the best stuff, and some Cuban cigars too, and there it was, the first Christmas ever!

So what IS the meaning, the purpose and reality of Christmas? Is it an excuse to reaffirm and refocus our want of stuff, and a midwinter excuse to get off work? Is it the last quarterly hurrah for retailers and the gift card market? A means to assuage the guilt accrued through the year for all those you ignored or forgot or ignored? Is it the season of giving? Which begs the question, why only during that one season? Is it only an extravagant birthday party for one religions deity, a cartoon the most overbearing and obnoxious from that religion can use to berate and pummel others with, or is it something more that strengthens and reinforces community? Thankfully, the “Merry Christmas” word police are a sad little minority given too much prominence by a media endeavoring to keep us fighting each other instead of the real forces of disunity and inequality- Re: The enemies of our collective humanity. Funny, how just one religion claims sovereignty over a man who many religions view as a prophet (whether merely as a man or as something more). Jesus was never a Christian, really. He never followed himself. He led, and encouraged others to lead in love and peace, not simply follow blindly. And that love and peace is what is to be proliferated rather than a doctrine forcing all to look from the same house through only one window. He lived a life, and like each of us endeavors, he evolved, just as the season has evolved from its pagan roots to something that gets lost in the crassness of commercialism and the soft bigotry of politics. But at its core there is still that simple message. My Christmas refocuses my human family, which is comprised of all religions or no religion. I am not celebrating the man, for whom we know almost nothing about, but assume or ascribe perhaps too much, I am celebrating the message, and that is the simplest message of all: LOVE. Period. No qualifiers. Merry Christmas.