I offered a $1000 reward. Joe Walsh just claimed that millions of so-called illegal immigrants are registered to vote. Trump says two million. Let’s do the math. Two million Mexicans, of course, divided by 50 beautiful patriotic states equals 40,000 per state. Assuming they are concentrated largely in urban areas and “sanctuary” cities, and an earlier statement by Rahm Emmanuel that there are 150,000 in Chicago. I live in Chicago! There are 3 million people in Chicago, divided by 150,000 means there are 1 in every 20 people. There are 1000 people in my immediate neighborhood, with, one would expect, mathematically that 50 are illegal, especially since most of my neighborhood is comprised of immigrants. Since voter registration among all those fervently patriotic Americans is an astounding 40% for eligible voters, and voter turnout is about the same, that means at least two just in my neighborhood are illegally registered, with one who actually voted. Just on my block! And yet no one has yet provided proof that a single “illegal” alien is registered and voted. They are probably hiding with Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate!


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