“I shall go on writing. That is my heroism. I shall bear witness, precise witness!” -May 27, 1942

The first entry of my witness. As the Nazis rose to power in Germany, Victor Klemperer, the son of a Rabbi maintained a diary capturing the sum of those days and months and years. It remains the best and most intimate testimony of historic events seen though the prism of the common man. In that spirit, here too I Shall Bear Witness

Tuesday, December 6, 2016. 9:08 pm. Winter arrived with a vengeance. At least that’s how it felt today. I walked with our Corgi/Lab rescue dog Bleu. The wind roared out of the north, heralding a cold snap over the coming days. The city is quiet tonight, the rush hour light. It’s been light, the city almost remorsefully quiet since November and the election. It’s as if the city and nation recoiled, holding its collective breath in anticipation of some as yet ill-defined calamity.

The news isn’t helpful. The only key to breaking the Right’s monopoly on information and media is for the Left to understand the power of media and create that media. As the Left looks towards confronting and eclipsing a Rightwing media network 3 critical aspects come to mind. Three, building an integrated and sustainable system with a clear mission, and then adhering to that mission. Two, it must not be the propaganda wing of the DNC, but speak to the issues that matter most to Progressives rather than the posturing and bartering of a political party apparatus. And One, it must be actually progressive, and not anything like, say MSNBC, which was simply a whiny echo chamber of daily outrage.

Ana was in pain all day, the consequence of a splinter in her right foot; heeling slowly, and a flare up of her fibromyalgia. We cocooned for the day, taking moments together when we can get them. I felt tired and unmotivated all day. A nap with Bleu and Oliver, our Maine Coon Cat, with The Big Bang Theory on TV was decadent and luxurious. Awoke to the scent of Ana’s chili warming in the kitchen.

Ana decorated a bit for Christmas. No tree this year. Not for any specific reason except for the clutter. Some greens and ornaments upon the mantle. She’s watch a Law and Order SVU marathon.

Today was filled with reflection. Trump’s blundering insult with China over Taiwan is being spun as part of a gander strategy rather than the missteps of a fool in far over his head. It is absurd, maddening and insane watching as Trump utters ridiculous and irresponsible things only to have an army of supporters flood the media with what anyone reasonable and undeluded would recognize as complete lies, spun with all the believability and sincerity of a mafia hitman lawyer. And yet the media acquiesces, and the American people only seem to bothered in their entertainments and distractions to find their proper outrage.

Creatively, I am on an island. It has caused a bit of tension between Ana and I that she hasn’t read any of the last novel. I rely upon her opinion and feel a bit lost at the moment. The new play is coming along nicely, and I really want to finish Oliver. Politics becomes a weight on literature and a distraction to creativity. I don’t expect that to end soon…


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