I Shall bear Witness 12/7/16

Ana made Bosnian Spinach pie for supper. One big pan. I whipped up a garlic yogurt sauce. Ana half-heartedly complained I’d used far too much garlic, as she had to go to work in the morning. I ate entirely too much. Coming from the kitchen she asked, “Another piece, baby? How much did you have?”

“half the pan is gone,” I replied, making her laugh.

Loudmouth Joe Walsh is on the radio. At least once a day, some rightwing zealot launches into an assault against American Muslims and Islam. I know now what it must have been to be a Jew in Germany or Europe in the early days of the Nazis.

Brisk and bright today. I was out for a few hours during the afternoon, leaving Ana at home. I am absorbing everything these days, far more than I can relate here, but I endeavor to  chronicle as much as possible. In the end the history becomes about the survival from moment to moment, day to day, and the accumulation of perspectives. that said, the mood of the city is weighted, as if each person’s shadow is a burden. it is remarkable how the election has caste a pall over the holidays. there is no real cheer. Each day the new face of the Junta takes form, and the mood of the nation grows darker. The system is breaking down. The weave of the national fabric unravelling racially, politically, interpersonally and among families.

Every day brings some more ominous news. Trump is stocking traditionally  civilian held posts with military men-junta. In 2000 I wrote that Bush was assembling a war council. we soon got 2001 and two long wars. This is far worse and much more dangerous. A glimpse of things to come was this bit that flew under the radar:

“The New York Observer, a newspaper owned by Donald Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, published an opinion piece Friday calling for the FBI to launch a coordinated crackdown on nationwide anti-Trump protests, mobilizations and recount efforts. http://www.alternet.org/activism/paper-owned-trumps-son-law-runs-alarming-op-ed-calling-fbi-crackdown-anti-trump-protests”

from all of this I am almost lamenting the passing of peaceful moments. Lay in bed before day this morning. Q was at my feet, Bleu at my leg. Ana was asleep beside me. Smudge lay on her, Oliver at the far corner, a ship of love and tranquility that I wished might never end. making omelets for breakfast I was regarding them as though they were soon to be a luxury.

After Bosnia and Rwanda understand the motion of things, the tectonic motion of society more acutely. so much that we have taken to storing food, lard, rice, beans, canned fruit, sugar, candling items, things that many relied upon during the siege but grew expensive. Will get a couple large water bottles and then keep an eye to the future, at least its something…


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