The long knives are out. The Right wing media spin doctors, Limbaugh, Hannity and others have saturated the airwaves today in an all out assault for the CIA’s analysis that Russia was to blame for the DNC email hacking, as well as fake News stories linked to Russian hackers. They are making a case, in support of Donald Trump that the CIA is biased towards Obama and Clinton, is incompetent or as fired FOX News host Kate Dalley , now on Glenn Beck’s Blaze, said today on her program, “The CIA is nothing but the Mafia.”

While there are substantial criticisms of the CIA, and can be accused of acting immorally and even inhumanely, and in the case of torture allegations, criminally, they cannot be accused of not acting in accordance with an America-centered strategy. It was the CIA which prepared the Presidential Daily Briefing on August 6th 2001 titled “Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US.”

That  PDB was dismissed and ignored just a month before the September 11, 2001 attacks. Trump has missed or eschewed classified CIA intelligence briefings in recent weeks. Limbaugh sought to discredit the CIA by claiming the agency was responsible for Iraq’s weapons of Mass Destruction, which were never found. In fact, the CIA debunked a Bush administration claim that September 11th attackers met with Iraqi operat5ives in Prague prior to the attacks. recall, it was also CIA agent Valerie Plame who was outed by administration officials angered that Plame uncovered evidence that so-called yellow cake Uranium had not been delivered to Iraq as Bush officials claimed.

On his December 12 program, Alex Jones was joined by regular guest, Wayne Masden, a rabid purveyor of conspiracies, broadcasting from Sputnik radio. Foreign Policy magazine describes Sputnik media as a slick and internet-savvy outlet of Putin and Russian propaganda, which “remixes President Vladimir Putin‘s brand of revanchist nationalism for an international audience. throughout the media today there was a full-throated defense of Russian involvement in interfering in American elections. Rush Limbaugh boasted, while discrediting the CIA with demonstrably untrue statements said that “if Russian fingerprints are on this you can be sure Russia isn’t to blame.”

More and more evidence emerges that Russia either generated, exploited or proliferated false or misleading stories about Hillary Clinton’s health, emails and so-called Pizza gate, which alleges that Clinton, Obama and other democrats ran  a child sex trafficking ring out of a Washington pizza parlor. the also reportedly helped stoke anti-Clinton sentiments regarding the democratic primaries. By any estimation Russia has exploited the Trojan Horse of the US First amendment via the internet and media. Even the Left wing is not immune from Russian meddling. Progressive host Thom Hartmann, syndicated on Sputnik and on RT (Putin-run Russia Today) sought to downplay Russian meddling in information propaganda.

Is the CIA above reproach, or even disdain, reform and perhaps replacement? Absolutely not, but their Russian adversaries are also the adversary of the American people. The Russian interference in the elections is nothing short of an attack on the nation, and just because they’re current target is a less than sympathetic agency of the government only underscores that perhaps the Russians understand our weaknesses better than most Americans, and that ammunition for an assault on the nation is best carried out to unwitting accomplices, otherwise known as the American people.


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