EXCLUSIVE: Berlin Terror Attack: Dots begin to connect

Was there a connection between the assassination of Russia’s ambassador to Turkey and the Lorry attack on a Berlin Holiday market? Some alarming and unsettling things are coming to light. From the BBC:

The Polish owner of the truck used in the attack has said the dead man on the passenger seat was his employee and cousin.

Ariel Zurawski said that Lukasz Urban, 37, was a “good guy”, AFP reports.

Police said he appeared to have been stabbed and shot.

“One person would not have been able to overpower him,” Mr Zurawski said, describing his cousin as a heavyset man who weighed 120kg (265lb) and stood 183 cms (6ft) tall.

“We could see injuries. His face was bloodied and swollen,” Zurawski told private news channel TVN 24, referring to a photo of the body he received from Polish police.

“There was a stab wound. Police also told me there was a gunshot wound,” he said, adding that the dead man’s family – including his widow and 17-year-old son – were in shock…”

Pending autopsy results, a scenario emerges of a wider conspiracy, but who and for what purpose? There is a small minority Muslim population in Poland. Some descend for the 1400s, most are Turkish or Bosnian Muslim. The community is predominantly Shia, while ISIS is exclusively Sunni.

The distance from the Polish border to Berlin is better than 90 minutes adding an unnecessary variable for detection. Why a polish lorry driver in Poland? and not  a lorry driver closer to the scene of the crime?

There is a deep divide between native born and foreign born Sunni followers in Poland. From Wikipedia: “The “native born” Sunni Muslims (Lipka Tatars), run Muzułmański Związek Religijny w Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (Muslim Religious Union in the Polish Republic), and “foreign born” Sunni Muslims run Liga Muzułmańska w Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej (Muslim League in the Polish Republic). The latter is mainly based upon foreigners living in the country, such as Arabs, Pakistanis, Chechens etc. Liga Muzułmańska is also a branch of a worldwide Muslim Brotherhood organization…”

The attack comes as German Chancellor Merkel is under increased pressure by Right wing, anti-immigrant groups. Russia would stand to benefit greatly if Merkel was no longer in office. From the BBC: “For Angela Merkel the legacy of the Berlin attack will be political. It’s not clear who the perpetrator was. But if it proves to be someone who came as a refugee, the German chancellor will face more pressure…But Mrs Merkel’s political opponents, notably the far right Alternative fur Deutschland, have attacked her again following the Berlin attack, saying she has compromised Germany’s security …” White supremacist and Alt-right radio host in the US, Michael Savage, and a friend of Donald Trump, demanded she be arrested, calling her a communist and accused her of letting the terror suspect go.




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