So what IS the meaning, the purpose and reality of Christmas? Is it an excuse to reaffirm and refocus our want of stuff, and a midwinter excuse to get off work? Is it the last quarterly hurrah for retailers and the gift card market? A means to assuage the guilt accrued through the year for all those you ignored or forgot or ignored? Is it the season of giving? Which begs the question, why only during that one season? Is it only an extravagant birthday party for one religions deity, a cartoon the most overbearing and obnoxious from that religion can use to berate and pummel others with, or is it something more that strengthens and reinforces community? Thankfully, the “Merry Christmas” word police are a sad little minority given too much prominence by a media endeavoring to keep us fighting each other instead of the real forces of disunity and inequality- Re: The enemies of our collective humanity. Funny, how just one religion claims sovereignty over a man who many religions view as a prophet (whether merely as a man or as something more). Jesus was never a Christian, really. He never followed himself. He led, and encouraged others to lead in love and peace, not simply follow blindly. And that love and peace is what is to be proliferated rather than a doctrine forcing all to look from the same house through only one window. He lived a life, and like each of us endeavors, he evolved, just as the season has evolved from its pagan roots to something that gets lost in the crassness of commercialism and the soft bigotry of politics. But at its core there is still that simple message. My Christmas refocuses my human family, which is comprised of all religions or no religion. I am not celebrating the man, for whom we know almost nothing about, but assume or ascribe perhaps too much, I am celebrating the message, and that is the simplest message of all: LOVE. Period. No qualifiers. Merry Christmas.


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