Admittedly, this a bit on the fringe, but as an artist, painter, copywriter, playwright, author and on again/off again poet, I have struggled for a comprehensive definition of art and why it is so essential to humanity. Here goes: It occurs to me that all fiction, poetry stand up, spoken word and music is structured like an orgasm, stay with me, but the content of that art, of all the books ever written, all the plays ever performed and all the music ever written are lamentations and exultations for love and against solitude. Think of a sheet of music, basic and undefined with the empty lines and measures, but add notes, melody, rhythm and meter and the music’s fullest expression begins to take shape. That makes art intimately human on two levels. On one level, it is tied to our instinctual side, grounding us fully to the world, and to the imperative to bond, while on the other expressing as nothing else can or succeeds in rendering the spiritual part of our humanity. We are our bodies and our spirits all at once. Eschewing one for the other or ignoring that intimate connection means a focus has shifted too much to the self, from which all conflict arises. Art bridges that gap, translating the language of the body into the song of the soul-that one was for my wife, who trained as a Latin dancer…


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