Are Obama’s Russia sanctions an attempt to disrupt a Nuclear First Strike under Trump by the US with a follow on strike by Russia? China is disrupting efforts by OPEC, including Russia, to raise oil prices. Russia badly needs that revenue, hence the support for Trump and EXXON CEO and Russian biz partner Rex Tillerson who would lift sanctions against Russia and look away as Russia continues its aggressive strategic influence effort with Turkey, Iran and Syria. Russia benefits greatly with a broken China. Trump has surrounded himself with hawkish generals and advisors vehemently anti-China, who doubtless believe conflict with China is inevitable. Taiwan is the flashpoint, Chinese military assertions in the pacific the excuse. China has 200 total nukes, perhaps 75-100 capable of hitting the US against our 2000+, plus our better missile defense. They will greatly upgrade their naval capabilities over the next decade, but are currently outmatched by US Pacific forces. A case could be made by his advisors of a first strike now before China grows stronger. Immediate casualties in US, 6-10 million, with lethal fallout contaminating much of the nation for decades. Most the dead would be in large urban areas that tended not to support Trump. China casualties, 20-40 million, but with greater devastation to infrastructure, industry and leadership, and a likely break up of the country.


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