There is no such thing as peaceful protest. Ghandi supported and praised Indian freedom fighters who used violent means. The peaceful Ghandi is a myth to disarm activists for truth and justice. Martin Luther King jr. at the end of his life was coming to a more stalwart and less yielding Malcolm X approach to Civil Rights. I will march. I will agitate, but I will not surrender an inch of ground, because the stand against injustice is already a stand with my back to the wall or my heels to the cliff. for those I fight for, they have no place to retreat to but the grave. As a protester demanding justice, my task is to apply pressure against an unjust system. It is the state or the oppressor, or the system or the tool of the oppressor whether or not a protest becomes violent. Violence is not the choice of the oppressed. It is the tactic and the tombstone of the oppressor. Stand your ground in the fight for justice. let love and light and inclusion and peace be your standard. do not yield. Do not bargain. Be the champion of the weak, the voiceless. Empower the forgotten, the marginalized, the disenfranchised. Peaceful protests are for clowns and children.


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