California seriously pondering exiting the Union. Imperiling our healthcare and economy to disastrous proportions. Americans openly discussing civil war and martial law. Trump removing us as a player in the world, isolating us from our nearest neighbors and increasing tensions with China, which will push Asian countries closer to China. Ruining relations with Mexico which could make them a trading partner to Russia. investigating American voters despite no evidence instead of mounting evidence on Russian interference in our election. Destabilizing NATO, the EU, Americans pitted against each other, Making the lifting of Russian economic sanctions after they shot down a civilian airliner, murdering 300 people and violently annexing Crimea a priority. Standing down across the Middle east while Russia fills the void violently and with far less regard for human rights violations. EVERYTHING THAT F#@*ING RUSSIA COULD WANT…in one week!


Fake News: A Definition.

Fake News: A Definition.

Fake news is nothing new. In fact, whole nations have been built on fake news stories. Take, for example, the Boston Massacre, March 5, 1770. The crib notes version is that during a demonstration British soldiers fired on the protesters, killing 3 instantly. There is, like every historical event a far greater context, preceding events and contributing background that makes the cartoonish American fiction of the event far less certain. Pro-independence, anti-British partisans were quick to seize upon the event, reframing and reconstructing the facts to support their agenda. That retooled story stoked anti-British sentiments throughout the colonies and swelled support for the pro-independence cause. It was, by any contemporary standard, a very liberal manipulation of facts, intended not to inform but to arouse. It was fake news.

So nothing new has been invented here, except perhaps a stealth campaign to undermine freedom of speech and the Press through a knee jerk reaction to the so-called scourge and epidemic of “fake” news. Fake news has always existed. Every nation, every nationalist movement, every empire has engaged in it. But even within the term “Fake news” there are levels and nuance. One thing is absolutely certain, and that is the notion of fake news is not being applied as a means of garnering a better more fact-based quality of information and journalism, but is instead an effort to assault the quality of information by discrediting actual news sources.

First it is important to understand some of the variations of so-called Fake News.

PARODY-The Onion is a great example. When fake news is obviously created and intended to entertain. The Onion, however has been mis-construed several times and confused for real news. The power of parody; but for those looking at strategies to sneak information under the radar of public discretion, such moments can be great proving grounds for learning to deconstruct and manipulate information.

PROPAGANDA-All propaganda has a strong basis in fact and truth, twisted in such a way as to cause the reader or viewer to  make decisions about truth and situational ethics drawn through their own base fears, and misgivings. a perfect example of this is the line; “Not all Muslims are terrorists, but almost all terrorists are Muslims. ”

MISINFORMATION-Misinformation has a very defined strategic goal. The effort is to incite through the assault on facts in favor of visceral, reactive emotions. The effort to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement by the Right wing was via comments like “All lives matter,” which fundamentally misrepresented and misdirected the argument based upon a visceral  and emotionally targeted misinformation campaign. Several years ago Rightwing and Republican groups were seeding the internet and Facebook with false stories then attacking those who shared or commented on the story as a means of discrediting opposition. Last week a CBS affiliate picked up a fake news story about Trump aide Kelly Anne Conway punching a guest at the inaugural ball, perhaps a planted story intended to snare sloppy journalistic standards..

. It is also important to understand what is NOT fake news.

MISTAKES- Mistakes happen. Newspapers and media journalists are always under pressure of deadlines. More than that they are human. While a high frequency of mistakes might indicate other issues, mistakes, particularly those that are corrected and acknowledged are not Fake news.

RECANTATIONS- Witnesses can change their stories, particularly over time, get scared, become tired, become co-opted or simply stop talking, even to the point of taking back true statements. Recantations should be taken in context, and viewed amid a larger pool of corroborating information.

EVOLVING STORIES-Facts come to light, which may change the character of a story or an initial report. Others may interfere with a story, obscuring or confusing facts until the original facts and story become clouded. The shooting in Ferguson of a Black teen, Michael Brown by a Police officer in 2014 has become so clouded in contradicting information that the original facts of the event are argumentative depending upon political ideology rather than facts.

DISAGREEMENT-Witness to an event disagree, often vehemently and on fundamental aspects of an issue. The assassination of President John F. Kennedy is a prime example. Profiteers, sensationalists, tabloid journalism, government obfuscation and conspiracy theorists take varying witness perspectives out of context until the true history, again, is muddled and obscured.

So what exactly is fake news? Simply, fake news are stories manufactured or directly manipulated to serve and further a political or ideological agenda. It is purposeful in its intention, and that should not be confused with a journalistic piece having a point of view. There is no journalistic reason simply to report of human rights violations unless the journalist hopes the story will have a positive impact. The act of real reporting about corruption or injustice demands making a stand or having an opinion about its inherent immorality. Fake News is virtually always a strategy to undermine justice, the rule of law and to protect or support the powerful and wealthy.

Fake news is indeed a problem, but it is a problem of management and integrity by reporting bodies, and by the public to hold media and journalists accountable for relaying independently verifiable and testable information. Passing laws and statutes, censorship or governmental oversight into what constitutes real journalism as opposed to fake news is a pathway to censorship and an eradication of a Free Press.

The press should endeavor to disagree with the government. Agreement with the government, true agreement with a free and uncensored Press means that oversight into what the government is doing is having an effect, while sublime disagreement might be the best indication the media is doing its job.




What was long feared has happened. The world is ruled by a single corporation. Religion and nationality have been eliminated. Race has been eradicated, replaced by a homogenous race of Associates whose singular purpose is to produce for the corporation. There is no want, because there is no desire, no freewill, hope or autonomy. “Sentinel spies. Section Twenty-one punishes. The Corporation decides”. Those who deviate from this order, or who no longer produce for the corporation are erased, reclaimed and replaced. Through a quirk or accident of genetics a black child is born. Allowed to grow to adulthood, separated and segregated from society, the child grows to satisfy the ego of the corporation, who studies the Last Man as a means of future prevention. Put on trial for the crime of existing at all, he pieces together an assertion of his right to be from the crumbling archives of those who once stood for freedom and justice. While in these rotting and forgotten archives, he discovers the inhabitants of the Low City, a society that exists among the sewers and shadows. At first the Last Man sympathizes with their struggle, but the leaders of the Low City harbor a dark scheme to strike at the very heart of the corporation. Can the Last Man stop the Low City rebels from starting a terrible conflict, from which neither side will emerge? Can he escape and save the woman he loves?

I would be in favor of a law that doubles the retirement of Congress people including Cadillac family insurance but then ban them and their from ever dealing in anyway with the government, through work, financial dealings, lobbying, influence or anything else. Serve a single term, retire to a bait shop in Vermont. That means trolls and revolving door lobbyists are out of the process and we theoretically attract people who actually are interested in public service.

The Right calls me a snowflake…

The Right calls the men who attended Saturday’s march in solidarity with women snowflakes. I was a snowflake went I went to war. I was a snowflake when working for peace and justice on the south and west sides of Chicago. I was a snowflake when I made  a commitment to my wife, which I have kept for 22 years. I was a snowflake for deciding to stand with Muslim neighbors in the wake of September 11, and now by standing by them again as they are threatened. I am a snowflake for fighting for those who cannot fight or cannot fight alone. I am a snowflake in that I stand with all my brothers and sisters around the world in the struggle for justice and equality. I am a snowflake. Snowflakes together become flurries and then squalls whipped by the wind’s of misfortune or oppression. Squalls become storms and then blizzards that fall upon a disquiet earth until everything becomes still and peaceful. I am a snowflake who recognizes that power and justice arises from a community of snowflakes forming a great and powerful front. I do not define myself as a snowflake, but when called one I am proud.

Saturday’s outpouring was…

…inspiring and powerful, but is a beginning not an end. Challenging hours face the nation and each of us in our own hearts.

In the days and months and years to come, some of us will be called to be Crispus Attucks, others to be witnesses and triage, and others to be Sam Adams, but all of us will be called to stand and to remember those who stood against us.

Thoughts on resistance in the final hours of the Republic…

Thoughts on resistance in the final hours of the Republic…

On an October night on the frontline around Sarajevo I was arrested and interrogated by Bosnian Army Intelligence. I volunteered my journal, which had contacts for Bosnian Serbs across the line, such as the daughter of Radovan Karadzic and others. They asked how I could be friends with every side of the conflict, and that when one side intended and practiced genocide and war crimes on the other side I could so casually claim friendships with the former. I thought of the thousands of makeshift graves in the city, Ana and her family starving and freezing and being targeted by snipers, of Dragan Markovic wounded in the foot and fearing the loss of a leg from lack of medication, the children in the hospital I had visited and all of their exhausted and heartbroken parents, the couple killed across the street from where I stayed because they had rigged a makeshift gas line wrong and were blown into the street, little Sulejman Haljevac Memo, my buddy who told how everyday classmates simply disappeared, some dead and some refugeed. Standing on a fence is a luxury, and in a conflict such luxuries simply cannot stand. it isolates the individual at a time when isolation is most dangerous, and dampens the resistance to injustice and oppression at precisely the moment when concerted fronts and locked arms cannot tolerate weakness.