762 murders in Chicago in 2016. And accepting the award for the most murders on the planet…Oh, gosh, what an honor. I don’t…I’d like to thank so many people. First, of course, the NRA, who made this all possible with blocking any meaningful reform stopping the flow of illegal weapons from gun stores and gun shows, I can’t forget Rahm Emmanuel and the great work he did sweeping the violence under the rug, and for all his work giving taxpayer money to his rich friends. Diverting investment from neglected regions. Oh, I’m so nervous. I hope I don’t forget any…Like the banking industry and their illegal foreclosures. Brilliant. Barack Obama, for all of his great work protecting banking fraud. and I can’t forget a recumbent media for diverting conversation from a flawed system abandoning communities in favor of “where are the fathers? It’s the fault of Black fathers.” And last but not least, the American public for there work of making it about race and then using the symptomatic violence as an excuse to systematize enduring racism. Thank you again, this is a great honor. It’s going to look great on our mantle. Oh, there’s the music…



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