West side Black racist horror! The media today is headlining a video of 4 Black youths committing a despicable, and yes, racist act, but don’t act shocked, White people, as if this is unheard of. Hate crimes, racist graffiti and threats against Muslims and people of color by white supporters and White supremacist supporters of Trump SINCE the election number in the hundreds. You and the media have focused on several faked cases to discredit hundreds of actual cases, giving cover and silent support to Nazis and white supremacists like the KKK. After Dylan Roof massacred Blacks at a CHURCH, all you excellent Christians, your reaction was to defend the confederate flag, Roof, the KKK and the Slave Confederacy championed-a spit in the face to Black fellow citizens. That flag was waved while keeping Black kids from white schools, keeping Blacks from voting and while dogs were unleashed against civil rights activists. You bear the burden, white America…

…for allowing all of the above which helps create reactionary idiots who see it as payback or pushback or turnabout (fair play, right?) in the age of “Taking back OUR country” or the snickering racism of Michelle and Barack Obama monkey jokes on websites, on twitter feeds, on billboards, or on a mainstream radio program heard by millions in which the co-host of the show said: “Thanks to trump we don’t have to be politically correct about Obama, and can call a spade a spade.” As for the 4 Black youths, first, by Texas standards, if they were white we would all lament how this might impact their future. But to them, I say, you are playing into the narrative by acting like scum of a very sick white community with this criminal garbage. No one will see it in “context” as I sketched above, instead it only feeds more racism by building on every god damned stereotype and lie about the Black community. my people will use this video with fantastic success to eclipse and drown out every video of a cop shooting a kid in the back, or 16 times, or beating up a mom and daughter or of adult men body slamming children in classrooms. The government, media and corporate America used September 11, 2001 as an anchor to sell fear, twisting the White community, and collective American conscience into a paranoid sociopathic entity. This only confirms it’s irrational delusions about a community it keeps tripping while complaining it can’t keep up.

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