So, cleaned house last night. Tired of trying to attempting to persuade idiots with facts and reason and even a shared disdain for organized political parties and overall systemic failures. When someone posts an interesting article about clues to our health and behavior packaged within our genome, and the reaction is the Libertarian FOX News, Greed Capitalism insipid idiocy in which a scientific article is dismissed with “Oh, its all genes. What, no personal responsibility?” Houston, we have a problem. This is where we are at, too many liberals and progressives want to bang their head against their padded asylum and claim it is a revolution. Too many of the rest want to do something but are busy looking around to follow a leader. Dangerous. As for those on the other side of the canyon (we are way past an aisle now), for whom literature is an Ann Coulter scree, people so blissfully ignorant, never challenging their intellect or perspective beyond their trailer park, they grew embittered that no one cared to listen to their Larry the cable guy philosophy of life, now have discovered anti-social media, and in the age of Trump feel they have something to say. The problem is, making a stand against elites means choosing to know nothing, and when you know nothing you are an easy target for those taking advantage of that emptiness by preying upon your fears and ignorance. Moreover they can count on you to regurgitate on your own all of their false, self-serving and self-profiting opinion, in the exact same way greed and power seeking so-called clerics and functionaries do to illiterate and under-educated peasants in the name of Islamic fundamentalism, or that small faction radical rightwing Israelis use a minority of Palestinian extremists to co-opt and terrorize fellow Jews, or Palestinian extremists might well be seen as partners in the violence industry with their Israeli extremist pals. Its all structured the same, with the same eternally stupid and regressive and unproductive self destructive behavior that imperils us all.  

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