…attempt to sell me the bullshit she would have been just like Trump.
1. While far too cozy with bankers, in my opinion, she would not have nominated outright criminals like Steve Mnuchin.
2. She would not have eliminated funding to Planned parenthood.
3. She would not have demonized refugees, Muslims and Mexican economic refugees.’
4. She would not have eliminated the ACA, effectively cutting off healthcare for tens of millions.
She would not have attacked our children by nominating Betsy DeVos.
5. She would not have put a blatant racist (I liked the KKK before I found out they smoked pot) in the AG position, someone who will empower law enforcement to double down on brutality and institutional racism.
6. She would not have put climate deniers in at the energy department or reactivated coal-fire plants.
7. While criminally silent of DAPL, she would not have opened the flood gates to the fossil fuel industry and divested from Green tech.
8. she would not have openly and strategically devalued all dissent press, or the Press in general in favor of provably false and propagandistic sources, like talk radio and Breitbart.
9. She would not have remained silent on an aggressively resurgent white supremacist movement.
10. she would not have proclaimed a war on “too much regulation” such as EPA clean air and water standards, fair pay, minimum wage, union rights, family leave, overtime pay and other worker centered regulations at odds with corporate profiteers.
11. She would not have set sights on eliminating the National Endowment for the Arts nor the National Endowment for the Humanities.
So please decide what and who you want to be. Straddling the fence with one foot in Alex Jones conspiracy and disinformation fiction with the other pretending to be solidly in the Progressive camp doesn’t work.

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