The Right calls me a snowflake…

The Right calls the men who attended Saturday’s march in solidarity with women snowflakes. I was a snowflake went I went to war. I was a snowflake when working for peace and justice on the south and west sides of Chicago. I was a snowflake when I made  a commitment to my wife, which I have kept for 22 years. I was a snowflake for deciding to stand with Muslim neighbors in the wake of September 11, and now by standing by them again as they are threatened. I am a snowflake for fighting for those who cannot fight or cannot fight alone. I am a snowflake in that I stand with all my brothers and sisters around the world in the struggle for justice and equality. I am a snowflake. Snowflakes together become flurries and then squalls whipped by the wind’s of misfortune or oppression. Squalls become storms and then blizzards that fall upon a disquiet earth until everything becomes still and peaceful. I am a snowflake who recognizes that power and justice arises from a community of snowflakes forming a great and powerful front. I do not define myself as a snowflake, but when called one I am proud.


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