Dan Proft this morning on AM560 made oblique reference to our conversation yesterday regarding property taxes and whether or not that should be laid at the feet of teachers and teacher’s unions. He promised that he and his friends at Illinois Policy would thoroughly source all the material I present. Perfect. That is my hope. The full piece will be out Monday on my Helter Skelter WordPress Blog. It is, as you may guess, far more complex than comparing home prices in affluent communities juxtaposed against percentage increases in school spending. It is, thankfully not incomprehensible. It certainly does not isolate one particular political party, but instead a much larger system of government short-sightedness, private sector and consumer issues, mis-placed priorities, corruption, corporate malfeasance, media manipulation and a truly broken socio-economic landscape. There are fixes. I will map some of those out as well.

This was the unedited thread with Mr. Proft:

The Rauner and Rightwing Illinois Policy fake and propaganda news group is passing off lies about housing prices in Illinois. Dan Proft, manipulated numbers on his radio show. The effort is to downgrade confidence in Illinois by making the drop in housing prices seem as though it is the fault of democrats and unions. In reality, it shows that rich people benefitted from the housing bubble through rampant, unchecked speculation, and this is a correction to where they actually should be absent of that bubble. They want all the profit but don’t want to pay any of the bills. This is why a progressive network is critical . In the coming days I will ask you to help support Radio in Chicago, part of the Radio in America network, bringing balance back to our national discourse.
Dan Proft ·

So Zillow for median home prices and ISBE for K-12 spending data are part of the so-called right-wing propaganda? Those are the sources for the data in the stories on home values/school spending/property taxes in my newspapers. And all the callers sharing their personal stories are liars as well, yes? But you go ahead with your suspension of disbelief.
My Reply:
Nice try, Dan. Your callers are already part of your choir, and little more than those who benefitted from an artificial speculation and a bubble that translates into imbalanced property values across the state and a deficit in affordable housing for many of the working class people you pretend to pander to. Nice shell game with the numbers by tagging it to education and unions, but its merely a cynical attempt at information manipulation. As for “your” newspapers, would those be the Rauner rags proliferated by you and your friends at IPI as a means of disinformation. With respect, Mr. Proft, the confusion of facts to benefit a minor and over-represented economic segment of the nation, and state, is also a bubble. When it bursts and the blinders come off people who realize their true predicament, god help you and yours, and most of all this Republic.
Dan Proft ·

Please provide me with your numbers, you know, the “real” ones. Let’s compare and contrast.
Working on an article that I will post. In the mean time, the numbers above in the graph illustrate Housing prices over about the last century. many things obviously effect markets and too much shouldn’t be read into a so-called organic growth through the end of the Second World War. Real growth in housing prices appears to us after the end of the Second World war, in no small part thanks to the government GI Bill, and  a strong union workforce helping to define benefits and wages, the real rise of the Middle Class.. I continued that trend in Green, which indicates it would be 3030 roughly before housing prices reached the bubble’s peak, a rise more in line with average annual inflation. Greater speculation begins in the late 60s and early 70s. the mean more precipitous growth brings us exactly to the current correction numbers when the bubble is factored out. As for Illinois’ and Chicago’s fiscal woes, the paradigm of  a broke state and city is false, but sublime mismanagement and an assumption on both sides of the aisle that Illinois and Chicago residents are an endless source of cash is a conversation we might find some common ground in. However, blaming all of this on union teachers is disingenuous at best and a non-starter, especially since you don’t attend the same energies to Police and Fire unions. The fact is, the distance between the poor and working class majority has grown exponentially between a small number of wealthy constituents using stations like yours to blind people from criticizing greed destabilizing our politic, our communities and our economy. I will tag you when the article is finished, and I am happy to have that dialogue, and good on you for responding where IPI hasn’t

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