So yesterday on his show the prince of pomposity, the duke of derision, the earl of… elastic waistbands(?), Rush Limbaugh said that “all of the protesters” are being paid by George Soros. As you might imagine, I was bothered by this. I have been to several protests since the election, and hundreds over some 30 years as an activist and I have not seen a single damned penny for Mr. Soros. I’m starting to think I have some back pay coming. So I started running the numbers.

We’ll start with George’s, rather, Mr. Soros, since apparently he is the boss, but we’ll start with his net worth.  Way back in 2016 he was reported to be worth $24.9 billion Dollars, plus whatever he has in his Christmas savings account; let’s say based on my savings habits, around an additional $79 bucks.

Now, Limbaugh has it on unshakable authority that, as he said all of the protesters were being paid. Let’s start with the “conservative” estimate of 4.7 million who came out for the women’s march. Since Soros, according to the rightwing media I listen to, funded the fight for a $15 minimum wage-because  one of the richest men in the world is anti-capitalism-that gives an hourly cost in payroll of $70.5 million. The wife and I were out there all day, so let’s say the whole day cost Geo-Mr. Soros almost $800 million. Not to worry, he still has $24.1 billion remaining, plus that Christmas fund, in a pinch.

Of course, since the election Soros’ millions of minions have been busy. There was the women’s march, outrage about the travel ban, choice protests and the DAPL effort There have been at least 240 hours of protests by millions of Americans, at $70.5 million/hour. That brings us to around $16.2 billion already, leaving Georgie-bo, sorry, Boss man Soros just $8.2 billion left…and the Xmas thing.

Of course none of this includes his full and part-time staff of agitators and organizers, plus the interns. The Soros army must include management, organizers and their staffs, sigh makers, bucket drumming instructors, HR, legal, accounting, protest sign writers, Chant copywriters, the people who mange the vendateria, water, electric, wifi and Birkin Stock subsidies for all the leftie marchers. So a minimum staff-cuz Soros is Jewish, so he must be thrifty, according to Trump-of 100k, at an average of 35 hours per week equal 3.5 million/week, or $42 million since the election.

Long story slightly shortened, I am building a new progressive radio network with a top-notch group of professionals. With $1 million dollars we could network 15 new sustainable progressive stations across the country and begin to break the monopoly the Right holds on our national political, economic and social discourse. So, Boss, before all the cash is gone…where is our money, George Soros!


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