And it is that easy. In a neighborhood business this week. At the counter, several familiar faces were missing. hardworking, neighborly, decent Mexican workers. I asked another employee who said some people are leaving or keeping a low profile for fear of the government. What happens when millions of good people are now fugitives, can’t pay rent of buy food? Children? Can’t return and can’t stay? Fear arrest, miss use, families torn apart, endangered? And so part of the American social disappears quietly,…

…with but a few token flare ups here and there. Feeble and fading outrage, then silence. And then the Muslims. A few flare ups. Silence. Then the army is tasked against “violent” Black “carnage.” Outrage, futility, silence. Maybe the Chinese next in the case of  a war with China, or native Americans over DAPL. Legal immigrants who speak up or act out? Homosexuals for their “sinfulness” or the sick for their “burden.” And who is left? Make them shed your blood in moving you. Be the witness to the world and to one another. If they refuse violence on fellow citizens, those are the redeemable allies. If they harm you, harm the citizen beside you, or the citizen in Arizona, North Carolina, North Dakota, or Ohio make them pay the price of atrocity and injustice. RISE UP! YOU OUTNUMBER THEM 100,000 to one. Overflow their mass graves so that the world will never forget. Overflow their ranks to crush the unjust. Overflow the streets, the hallowed halls, where they live and dismantle them and their perceived power. RISE UP, AMERICANS. Do not become silence. Let your outrage be a spark to revolution, not a means of siphoning off pressure. This is your time. SEIZE IT!  

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