Poking Holes in Stupid

Sometimes it is just too easy. Take for example the resignation of General Michael Flynn, the only National Security Advisor, and the highest ranking cabinet member to resign from his post-not a nomination(That’s important)-in disgrace in 240 years of American history. The junta’s (I refuse to call it an administration) mafia-lawyers(You’re honor, my client is innocent, as the victim clearly stabbed himself in the back 17 times, drove himself to the harbor wrapped in chains and threw himself in), mafia lawyers in the Rightwing media are already out with the alternative facts to explain away anything that for any other administration would provoke instant outrage and derision. But Trump could devour a living child on TV and Kellyanne Conway and Rush Limbaugh would swear on their smoking bibles that he’s a vegan, and besides, Obama once ate a veal cutlet, and what is that but a BABY cow. Duh-duh-duuuuh!

As the Russian revelations climb ever higher to their Orange-crush in the White House the panic on the Right is at a fever pitch. This shouldn’t happen. The Republicans and their billionaire funders spent literally billions of Dollars monopolizing the public discourse through the gobbling up of 8/10 of the nation’s radio stations, as well as many of the newspapers, a monstrous internet presence and the creation of a talking points network called FOX News. Their task is to saturate the market place with one political party’s message.

Ann Coulter wanna-be, Michelle Malkin’s latest scree, not cited or advertised here, is the Right’s latest attempt at lipstick on a very ugly pig(Sorry, not even Revlon could muster that much make up). That is, there is mounting evidence of not only Russian influence in the 2016 presidential election, but actual collusion between the highest levels of the Trump campaign and Russian Intelligence. More and more of that is confirmed daily. But don’t pay attention to that, look over here at Malkin’s shiny keys.

The spin is that Obama appointees were plagued by scandals as well in their first 100 days. She points to “former Democratic New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson had withdrawn as Commerce Secretary nominee after both liberals and conservatives protested his long record of corruption and incompetence,” and “Democratic South Dakota Sen. Tom Daschle, was also forced to withdraw from his nomination as Obama’s Health and Human Services secretary amid a storm of ethical scandal, conflicts of interest, and tax avoidance.” Both fairly minor posts, and none that entail highly-classified national security intelligence. None of those appointees-appointees were ever sworn in. Flynn, however, was sworn in and was receiving classified information right up until his resignation.

This will be the spin today on the Right. What about Daschle? What about Richardson? Huh? Huh?

Were Richardson and Daschle corrupt? Probably? But just like what has happened with every administration in history, that is what the vetting process is for. Flynn colluded with a foreign power-Russia on the eve of his swearing in, and then went on to serve for three weeks with access to the nation’s greatest secrets. We can only wonder the damage he might have done in that three weeks. Time will tell, even if the Right won’t.


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