Oh, I get why we can’t afford the NEA or NEH.

See, I was just confused, but, I’m okay now. The Trump funhouse has indicated it will eliminate the NEA and the NEH. Who needs art and culture. Get a real job, deadbeats. Business! Business! Business! artists can go to work for advertising agencies, right? Picasso? What was he looking at? Aliens? LOCK HIM UP! Besides, Trump has already allocated those funds.

He has named his posh and very exclusive resort( $200k for a single membership) of Mar-a-Lago as the winter White House. On February 4-5th he went to “conduct” the “nation’s” business, charging US taxpayers more than $3 million Dollars to accommodate Secret Service and staff. This past week another 2 day sojourn tallied at least as much. We can expect at least one more trip this month, saddling taxpayers with a cool $9 million buck tab. He’s already spent about a quarter of what the NEA gave in grants to artists. He, however, spent it on cocktails by the pool, ya know, meaningful stuff.

Extrapolate $9 million/month, and throw in 3 or 4 vacations, of say a week, at $8 million a piece, and that brings us to…whoa, well look at that, $140 million annually, just a couple million shy of the NEA’s current budget of $146 million. Over the course of 4 years, that’s a cool 1/2 billion. But I guess it’s more important that the money goes into Trump’s pocket/ He owns the place. Where did you think it went?


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