That debate taping, with cohost Kit Cabello, which will be taped for viewing on a local Chicago channel, and offered online, takes place at The Leadway Bar at 5pm at 5233 North Damen Ave in Chicago. All are welcome to attend. We will also be taking questions from the audience. 
Food for thought ahead of the debate. Two billionaires, for the first time in history will compete for the office of governor of Illinois. Seven of Trump’s cabinet members are worth over a billion. Others, like former Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson are worth hundreds of millions. Men like Steve Mnuchin looted the government and defrauded millions of Middle Class homeowners during the financial crisis to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. All of Trump’s fortune is based on hype and strategic debt, and capitalizing off numerous taxpayer funded bankruptcies.
The number of Rightwing billionaires peddling influence and writing legislation exponentially dwarfs anything George Soros might be doing on the Left. Can anyone rightly claim money in politics has any real benefit for the health of our once, and perhaps future Republic? Or is it that the Koch Brothers just love America so much?

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