Don’t be so hard on Ben Carson and his immigrant slave comments, he’s got a point…

Since we always filter, massage, spin and scapegoat everything in life now, I thought, in the interest of bipartisanship, to clarify Ben Carson’s comments this week regarding African slaves kidnapped, shackled and forced into slavery over more than three centuries before and after the founding of the United States. But in the age of Trump, in which every golden morsel that tumbles from his lips is so badly misspoken that he needs and entire cable news networks, three major corporate networks and some 1500 domestic rightwing stations to translate and clarify, maybe we are just looking at Carson’s comments the wrong way. After all, like Trump, he’s not good at talking, which is just the sort of person we need as President. First, Carson’s comments in his own words:

I can understand Carson’s confusion. First, who wouldn’t confuse applying for a visa and then going down to the local travel agent in downtown Kinshasa as being snatched in the middle of the night, shackled and dragged to the shore to be sold to strangely dressed white men with guns. Being stripped of all your worldly possessions, including family and heritage isn’t far from the invasive searches by TSA agents. Flying coach on most airlines is exactly like being thrown into the hold of a slave ship, and the food is only nominally better. And yes, Ben Carson, when the captain puts on the seat belt sign and you are no longer “FREE” to move about the cabin, that is just like being chained to a ship’s hold.

One thing is true, that binds slaves with contemporary immigrants, and working class American’s in general, is that they will relinquish their freedom to an unending cycle of debt, exhausting you day in and day out until you drop dead. Your healthcare is about to be worthless in treating real life health issues, and social security is about to be looted of its $1.2 trillion surplus. At which time the capitalist machine simple shoves your carcass aside and shoves another lever puller in your place. Thanks, Ben, I see it oh so clearly now!



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