Pizza Gate and Trump…

So, the Right still clings to Pizza Gate, building a reference in an email to “Cheese Pizza” into a conspiracy supposedly proving Hillary and Obama were running a satanic child sex ring in the basement of a Pizza place that doesn’t have a basement. And yet after Trump associates Michael Flynn, Carter Page, Paul Manifort connections with Russia, Sessions having to recuse himself, 3 active Federal investigations, firing the FBI chief who days earlier asked for more resources for those investigations, admitted and documented family connections to Russian officials, revelations by an Mi6 spy, shady bank deals TO Trump, Trump media propagandist Alex Jones’ use of sources from Putin-controlled Sputnik Radio and yesterday’s banning of US media in favor of Russian state media to cover a secret meeting IN THE WHITE HOUSE with Russian officials… and that same Right just can’t make a connection between Trump and Russia? Maybe if he served Cheese Pizza…

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