Beat it, Mooch!

A long needed conversation with my socialist welfare addicted dog, thanks to Senator Rand Paul, Dan Proft and Joe Walsh. Finally told him to go get a job. I was tired of our dog Bleu mooching off the system, sitting at home chewing on Milk Bones, EXPECTING to be fed, given water and provided free healthcare, while the wife and I do all the work. Well, the gravy train(see what I did there) is OVER! And I can already hear the victim mentality: “Oh, I don’t have opposable thumbs so how can I fill out an application,” or “I suck at Microsoft Office!” Cry me a river. So I kicked him out into the rain and pointed towards the busy street and said you’ll have to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY or die, ya mangy mutt. Donald Trump did it, with a mere $3million from his dad, and look at Jared Kushner, who pulled himself up by multi-million Dollar bootstraps, and look at him today! With that, shivering in the pouring rain, Bleu simply put his head down, looked at me with those sad and confused brown eyes and sighed.

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