Loss. If there was only one word that would describe the theme of the new Album from Nebraska’s Rascal Martinez, Far from Home, it would have to be loss. Recorded in Nashville in just two days, Far from Home captures the energy and live stage feel characteristic of Rascal Martinez’ live performances. The resulting sound evokes recollections of Hank Williams’ I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, Steve Young’s heart-wrenching I Can’t Sleep, with addictive melodies reminiscent of Ernest Tubb’s I’m Walkin’ the Floor over You. Guitar, bass, 6 piece drum kit and  occasional piano; Far from Home is unpretentious, straightforward and Rascal’s most heartfelt album to date.

Back a year of so ago, after a phone conversation Rascal revealed he was struggling with a broken heart after a long distance relationship soured. Rascal poured that pain and emotion into his Art with Why you Gotta Say Goodbye, a danceable two step lament, backed by brother and drummer Marcello Sanchez. Older, declaring “We got older, and we got other things to do…” brings it all full circle, finding perspective; the songs we once swathed ourselves in to help mend broken hearts. Hold On is pure Rascal, a potent and melodic mix of rich American musical themes ripped straight from the heartland, but All That I Need is destined to become a classic, and easily one of the best songs Rascal has written among a retinue of consistently great music.

Rascal has found his place as a singer songwriter. Far from Home feels closer to home than ever. “The world can come crashing, fall all around you,” Rascal bleeds in All That I Need, “and change in a moment’s time, but don’t let it fear you, we can get through this, because I know that you are mine...” Who writes lyrics like that anymore, but someone with both feel and his soul planted firmly and confidently in a truly beautiful album?

Far from Home is available on Spotify, Youtube and by visiting https://www.rascalmartinez.com/

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