Where were books like Grace when I was a kid? Here is a series which is great for classrooms and home schoolers alike. Children from every background will find themselves in Grace and her friends. “Music is the one language,” Grace says, “the whole world understands!”

Their latest book, completing the seasonal series is Spring. This is unique series of children’s books by Ken Korber and Korber Enterprises. Our every girl character Grace and friends learn the fun and magic of making music, learning to play instruments and friendship. The story is beautifully illustrated, and is appropriate and accessible for pre-school through Junior High school students. The narration is simple, wholesome and positive.ggra

Grace’s sweet and effervescent personality personifies the essence of an actual musical concept, the Grace note. Like the character in each story, Grace notes are those ubiquitous notes that bring sparkle and life to a line of music. The names of Grace’s friends are also musical in nature. Her pal, Fortissimo, is a loud and boisterous musical exclamation. Her dog’s name, Arco, pertains to bowed instruments, like the violin.

The stories, set in each of the four seasons are exciting, with a gentle innocence. This is a passage from “The Musical Adventures of Grace-Winter:

“…There was some sadness, however, mixed in with all the joy in Piperstown. A little note, Grace, sat alone on a music page while the other bigger and louder notes were more important. Grace, you see, was a small and quite note-Oh, how she wanted to be heard and be happy like the other notes…”

Grace is a magical concept, bringing to life for children the wonder and beauty of music, friendship and curiosity for children as never before. All that is expressed and wonderfully illustrated with a sense of diversity and an appreciation for all forms of music. In that regard, the series is transcendent, creating a space in which all children are reflected, especially in the context of their ever more diverse world.

As an adult, the first time I read one of the books I thrilled at the beauty and brilliance behind Grace.grrace

I was discouraged as a child in my curiosity for music. It can be an easy thing, even unintentionally for fragile egos. I had a passion for drums but was told by a teacher that my hands were too small. I would either have to play the Clarinet, according to that teacher, or play nothing. The Grace series did not exist then. If it had, I might well have overcome that discouragement, and found inspiration in its positive and inspirational story. Thanks to family I gained a deep appreciation for music which has lasted my entire life. I think that is why I appreciate the Grace series.

The author, Ken Korber, is on a mission. He Changed careers in mid-life to focus all of his energies on creating positive, empowering children’s books aimed at promoting fundamental reading skills as well as encouraging music appreciation for younger children. From korberenterprises.com:

“Here are four broad categories that facilitate young children becoming active learners: (i) Establishing relationships with one or more responsive adults, (ii) encouraging active, hands-on involvement within their environments, (iii) establishing meaningful and memorable experiences, and (iv) assisting in a child’s understanding of his/her world.”

As the host of a radio program dedicated to the Arts, I applaud the author for inspiring a whole new generation of readers and kids with a greater appreciation and passion for music and reading. I can think of few better ways to build a better world…

The Adventures of Grace are available on Amazon.com, and along with additional information and resources at Korber Enterprises.com





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