The New Album from the Jay Clark Band, “The Time Is Now”

The New Album from the Jay Clark Band, “The Time Is Now”

Turn it up! That was  the very first impression from the first biting chords of “Alive” a blistering hot song from “The Time Is Now”, the new album from Dayton’s own Jay Clark Band. This is not easy listening, lite-FM. This is raw, stand on your chair and shout “Hell, Yeah!” Rock and Roll at its best.

“The Time Is Now” is, let your hair down, working people’s music, leave your work clothes on the floor on a Friday night-climb into a pair of jeans and a comfortable tee-shirt and head to the nearest beer joint and Rock club; not necessarily in that order…

Aw, yeah, it’s a Saturday Night, I was ready to cut it loose. Unwind and shake off the blues, and strut on the floor like you got nothing to loose. Don’t at the club where I’m ready to Rock, come on we’re all waiting for you…”

“Time” is crisp cutting guitars, chest pounding drums, great hooks and addictive riffs. There are echoes of AC/DC in “Bring Down The House,” Guns N’ Roses in “Alive” and Georgia Satellites in “Nothing Good in Life Ever Lasts.”

Rob Carlson’s lead guitar work is the stuff of classic Rock legend. The guitar solos are structured, sharp and brilliant. At several points I had to pick my jaw off the floor. I say that afrer interviewing some of the greatest Rock guitarists on the planet, from Boston’s Gary Pihl to Jethro Tull’s Martin Barre.

The Jay Clark Band burst on the scene in 2017 with the album, “Cocked & Loaded.” That album featured, among others, two powerhouse songs, like the Firewater-esque “Wont Get Pushed Around” and Whatcha Doin’ To Me.”  Their blazing guitars, sharp thundering drums, and Jay Clark’s 2 a.m. bourbon and beer vocals define “Country Metal”


The Jay Clark Band wasted no time with their follow up record, “Turning It Up,” in 2018, which included “A Storm is Coming,” a power chord driven lament on the current state of American discourse.

Lead singer and songwriter, Jay Clark said their second LP expanded the band’s range of music by offering soulful gems like Hometown and Backroads in addition to the rocking tracks that you’d expect from them, like Turning It Up and Crank it up Loud.

Jay headed to Nashville in 2016 to record 6 songs which became the demo EP, “Never Too Late.” He went back into the studio a few months later to record new tracks and released “Cocked & Loaded.”

The Jay Clark Band’s third album titled, “The Time Is Now,” will be released on June 28th, 2019. Their first single, “You’re Going Down,” is a head banging tour de force, from a band whose trajectory is anything but…

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The Jay Clark Band is:
Jay Clark – Vocals/Guitar
Rob Carlson – Lead Guitar
Tony Ruscello – Drums
Keith Westheimer – Bass
Dwayne Russell – Keyboards