To a Better Border Wall…

In fairness, I don’t want to dismiss Trump’s idea to put solar panels on the border wall, costing America and Mexico less money, but I don’t think he goes far enough. Here are some other ideas for Mr. Trump’s wall to save money and stop so-called illegal immigration:

1. A coal powered wall, since he has promised to bring back coal, despite the entire nation evolving past coal.

2. Paint it to look like the desert, and when people bump into it and fall down we can videotape our national prank, and like coal, revive Bob Saget’s Funniest Home Video career.

3. A 2000 mile 60 foot tall aquarium, because surely Trump will believe Mexicans will believe that America sank and go home.

4. Post America’s $20 trillion debt clock on the Mexico side of the wall. Might encourage poor refugees to take pity and throw soon to be worth more than the dollar pesos over the wall as charity.

5, make the wall from the same place he gets his hair. Immigrants will get hopelessly tangled, but would otherwise be same.

6. Replace the water in the Rio Grande with Budweiser beer. I like beer and I would run from that! Seriously?

7.Show immigrants anything from PBS on the Mexico side of the wall, and when they slip into a Coma, carefully pick them up and move them south 100 miles.

Build the wall on the border of Canada, and wave them north to a decent country.

8 Put the whole country up on polls

Anything I might have missed? After all, its all about helping our Grifter in Chief…


Trump blamed the constitutional checks and balances built in to US governance. “It’s a very rough system,” he said. “It’s an archaic system … It’s really a bad thing for the country.”

…and not a single word from any media about a historically dangerous and unprecedented attack on the constitution and its checks and balances, from a man who has supported a violent Philippine dictator, lauded Putin in Russia and congratulated Turkey’s President over successful step towards dictatorship…

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We are episodes,…

unfinished novels yet to be written. We are characters with a hand in writing our own stories, but hardly the sole authors in that process; tread lightly upon others, but mightily in the world. We carry one another’s stories, co-writing the present, recalling shared pasts, writing the epitaph for our fallen brothers and sisters. Someone will one day write the end of our story. These stories played out in the chaos of the world are merely the shallow perspectives of frightened creatures to the grand precision of the Universe. We are dancers in a rain of fate, alternating between deluges of burden and blessing…

And it is that easy. In a neighborhood business this week. At the counter, several familiar faces were missing. hardworking, neighborly, decent Mexican workers. I asked another employee who said some people are leaving or keeping a low profile for fear of the government. What happens when millions of good people are now fugitives, can’t pay rent of buy food? Children? Can’t return and can’t stay? Fear arrest, miss use, families torn apart, endangered? And so part of the American social disappears quietly,…

…with but a few token flare ups here and there. Feeble and fading outrage, then silence. And then the Muslims. A few flare ups. Silence. Then the army is tasked against “violent” Black “carnage.” Outrage, futility, silence. Maybe the Chinese next in the case of  a war with China, or native Americans over DAPL. Legal immigrants who speak up or act out? Homosexuals for their “sinfulness” or the sick for their “burden.” And who is left? Make them shed your blood in moving you. Be the witness to the world and to one another. If they refuse violence on fellow citizens, those are the redeemable allies. If they harm you, harm the citizen beside you, or the citizen in Arizona, North Carolina, North Dakota, or Ohio make them pay the price of atrocity and injustice. RISE UP! YOU OUTNUMBER THEM 100,000 to one. Overflow their mass graves so that the world will never forget. Overflow their ranks to crush the unjust. Overflow the streets, the hallowed halls, where they live and dismantle them and their perceived power. RISE UP, AMERICANS. Do not become silence. Let your outrage be a spark to revolution, not a means of siphoning off pressure. This is your time. SEIZE IT!  

As the tempo of emotion and words increases between China and Trump I think it is important for Progressives and reasonably-minded people not to act as though the US should be afraid of China, i.e., that they will calling in debts, attack our satellites, but instead be clear on the immorality of conflict and remind everyone that Trump’s tirade likely has something to do with a scheme to avoid paying China the $650 million in debt he owes, and that all of this potentially becomes a crime against both the American and Chinese people-Their governments aside