Prager Farce

Prager Farce

No one who knows me maintains any confusion on how I feel about the fraudulent rhetorical slight of hand that is Dennis Prager’s radio show. I have challenged Mr. Prager a number of time to debate, but he has ignored that challenge. For good reason, I might add. His habitually pompous and ill-informed (or perhaps intentionally mal-formed) arguments, particularly on equality, should crumble as self-evident before any listener with a modicum of intelligence. Moreover, how those listeners don’t hear Prager’s his hypocrisy always astounds me.

Because his listeners apparently don’t get the hypocrisy and call him out loud and sharp only supports Donald Trump proclaiming his love for dumb people. Prager has said in the past, overlooking all of Trump’s disgusting and often immoral and reprehensible actions that he only cares what the man does as president, but not  what he does in his personal life. On today’s show, regarding the celebrity and CEO school bribery scandal he is suddenly interested in who these kids are personally. Prager listeners, please turn right or left, you are walking against a wall. Sorry, they just seem that dumb.

Today Prager had rightwing faux-economist and ideologue Thomas Sowell, who has written a scree indemnifying inequality and, by default, discrimination. Prager and Sowell railed against a complaint by British female flight attendants regarding gender inequality in pay. Prager argued that the “female” flight attendants were lying in also not acknowledging that the survey also included pilot salaries. The brilliant minds of Sowell and Prager, keen to thoroughly deconstruct every issue, somehow missed the essential idiocy of Prager’s observation. The easiest is that it would have also illuminated salaries for male flight attendants, which, having flown out of London a number of times, and working in the airline business, I know exist. Second, Prager and our brilliant economist, Sowell, also missed the revelation that the lump average which included pilots would have been more equitable if British Airlines had more female pilots! Prager and Sowell actually proved female flight attendants in Great Britain make less than their male counterparts!

Later in the show the self-described “wise” Mr. Prager disclaimed Affirmative Action, revealing his underlying and latent racism, in my humbly informed and “wise” opinion. He said, “Why isn’t Affirmative Action Cheating…You might have a noble reason. It’s still cheating.” That is the twisted interpretation of race-baiting and racist-pandering filth. The cheat was creating a system which excluded people of color for many decades, a system defended and protected by people like Prager. Affirmative Action was a correction to  systemic  cheating…Mr. Prager.

Regarding that debate, Mr. Prager…Anytime.

Nationalism vs. Patriotism: A definition…

Nationalism vs. Patriotism: A definition…
Trump and the right are winning the argument over nationalism. The Left does not seem to know how to respond. I lived it and studied it for more than 30 years. If you want to have the correct argument about nationalism versus patriotism here it is:
Nationalism is a system of control. It uses a specific structure that supports that system of control. That system is fundamentally different from patriotism. Patriotism by contrast and definition is a free an individual choice. Nationalism requires these basic components which have been used by nationalist movements and governments throughout history. The template never changes only the players.
First a nationalist movement requires an exalted national identity which is manufactured and portrayed to be under attack. Second is a manufactured or over-amplified external threat or enemy. Finally nationalism requires an internal demographic usually a dissenting group which the Nationalist leaders and movement portray as an internal betrayer.
Nationalism is the manipulation and perversion of your free will patriotism.

Facets’ 35th Chicago International Children’s Film Festival brings independent films to the northern suburbs.

Facets’ 35th Chicago International Children’s Film Festival brings independent films to the northern suburbs.
Thursday, August 30, 2018: Chicago – The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival will once again present screenings at the historic Wilmette Theatre and the celebrated Lake Forest Gorton Community Center. Families will be able to enjoy screenings at the Wilmette Theatre throughout the entire Festival, which runs from November 1 – 9, 2018, and during the first weekend, from November 2 – 4, at the Gorton Community Center.
Learn more about the eight venues stretching across Chicagoland and get a sneak peek of Festival programming at
The 35th annual Festival marks the second year of the Festival’s partnership with the Wilmette Theatre and the third for the Gorton Community Center. Festival screenings at both venues will offer intelligent alternatives to commercial content that empowers kids and teens to “Build a new world” by constructing bridges across divides, engaging with empathy-driven storytelling, and using creative problem solving to build confidence.
Facets Marketing Director says: “The official venues in Chicago’s northern suburbs are perfect matches for the Festival.”
He continues: “The Wilmette Theatre’s mission to provide unique programming, community support, and life-changing education, and the Gorton Community Center’s mission to enrich the lives of Lake Forest residents through cultural arts, education, and charitable service, align with the Festival’s mission to present the best, most innovative film and educational experiences.”
With Festival venues now extending from the South Side to the northern suburbs in Wilmette and Lake Forest, community members from all over Chicagoland can come together to experience smart, value-affirming children’s films from around the world.
The Wilmette Theatre is the premiere multi-arts and performance center in Wilmette, anchoring the downtown business district by providing vibrant entertainment, education and enrichment for the community.
The Gorton Community Center is a privately-funded community center that serves as a unique partnership between community volunteers and the City of Lake Forest. The newly renovated John & Nancy Hughes Theater is a state-of-the-art performing arts venue that has become the signature of Gorton Community Center.
The Chicago International Children’s Film Festival presents the best, most innovative film and educational experiences for kids, families, students, and industry professionals. The 35th annual Festival runs November 1 – November 9, 2018 at eight Chicagoland theaters and cultural centers.
Facets is a nonprofit that connects over 30,000 people annually to independent ideas through transformative film experiences.

Paul Gonter
773.281.9075 ext. 106 

August Events in Chicago: Something for everyone! From Eventcombo.

August Events in Chicago: Something for everyone! From Eventcombo.
Stacey’s Gluten Free Class
Come to Stacey’s and sample flavors of Gluten Free corn bread and chocolate chip cookies.   Along with Kansas City BBQ chicken

Fri, Aug 24

Chicago Summer Spirits Tasting Festival
Get ready for a fun filled event with an opportunity to taste a variety of spirits!

Sat, Aug 25

Investing in Real Estate Chicago North
Register Now for this exclusive Real Estate Event and see if Investing in Real Estate is really for you.

Tue, Aug 28

Progressive Dinner at The Promenade
Visit 3 (three) restaurants at the Promenade in one night!  You will enjoy one course in each restaurant and make friends at the same time!

Wed, Aug 29

Author Amish Tripathi (Shiva Trilogy)
Joins us for a talk about Navigating Two Cultures in One Life: The West and The East.

Wed, Sept 5

Afro-Summer Love Fest II
Afro-Summer is More Than a Festival…it’s a Community Connected Through African & Caribbean Rhythms. A Celebration of Everything You Love!

Thur, Sept 6

Hindi Divas 2018

Sat, Sept 8

Playing Speeches
Come join us for an 8 weeks workshop of Playing Speeches for 4th to 8th graders to enhance their life skills

Sat, Sept 8

Chicago ChangeFest

Tue, Sept 28

Chicago Youth Storage Initiative Provides Storage to Youth in Need 755 additional safe storage options across 22 shelters, drop-ins and schools throughout city

Chicago Youth Storage Initiative Provides Storage to Youth in Need 755 additional safe storage options across 22 shelters, drop-ins and schools throughout city
(August 21, 2018) CHICAGO, IL – In 2015, the Chicago Youth Storage Initiative (CYSI) was born after several LGBTQ youth shared a need for more storage options at homeless shelters at a youth summit hosted by Tracy Baim, editor and publisher of Windy City Times. At the time, only 40 units existed, despite there being an estimated 12,186 young people experiencing homelessness in Chicago on a nightly basis. Three years later, CYSI will have completed installation of an additional 755 safe storage options across 22 shelters, drop-ins and schools in all regions of the city, triple their initial goal.

CYSI is a success story for a number of reasons, including:

  • it developed as a result of young people sharing a need, which funders heard thanks to Baim and her summit;
  • it made visible the critical importance of storage in the chain of life-changing services needed by young people experiencing homelessness, illuminating the previously under-recognized (sometimes unrecognized) need for storage solutions;
  • with no time to waste, the process moved swiftly as the initiative helped organize a motivated group of collaborative funding partners who leapt at the opportunity to do something about the need locally and thereby creating the first coordinated program of its kind in the country;
  • it recognized the need to document the process since the group quickly realized this initiative could be replicated in other cities around the country and world, and relatively inexpensively. As a result, the team created a toolkit with findings and advice so others interested in creating storage programs for people experiencing housing instability and homelessness could review what challenges need to be faced and what opportunities existed to help make this a success in their own communities;
  • finally, it delivered what the community needed, based on what could be possible given certain space restrictions, and added 755 much-needed and much-used storage units throughout the city. These storage units, so far, have been accessed 31,453 times by young people that would have otherwise stashed their stuff in abandoned buildings or wherever they could find, or been forced to haul it around with them hour by hour. A large part of the success of the initiative was due to it being supported by a funders collaborative with an engaged steering committee that was flexible and continuously incorporated learnings from youth and practitioners in order to build the necessary resources and promote the initiative beyond the initial group of foundations.
The Chicago Youth Storage Initiative, a project that was sparked by a poem by youth activist Breezy Connor at the close of the 2014 Windy City Times summit, celebrated its wind down June 26 at the Godfrey Hotel. Fittingly, Connor attended the celebration and read her poem again to the audience which included many of the funders and Steering Committee members responsible for its success, including Marianne Philbin and Heather Parish of the Pierce Family Foundation, Debbie Reznick of Polk Bros. Foundation, Lester and Becky Knight of the Knight Family Foundation, Jeanne Kracher of Crossroads Fund, Mignon Stewart from Prince Charitable Trusts and community activist Michael Mock. Also in attendance was Lara Brooks, CYSI’s first project director whose early work included conducting a comprehensive needs assessment, with youth, to look to a range of solutions, as well as Megan Wickman, who took over as project coordinator when Brooks moved to San Francisco.

In addition to 755 storage devices (ranging from full-size lockers to locking phone-charging stations), the project also worked with Google to create safe access to online storage for important documents and photos.

CYSI has passed the torch for the work and future management of the project to LYTE Collective, a grassroots program now renovating a building complex in Grand Crossing on Chicago’s South Side. They will have 200 storage units in addition to many other services for youth experiencing housing instability and poverty.

To be sure, CYSI’s mission was not just about storage—though safe storage was what youth asked for so they could experience less stress about their belongings, less theft and less violence. The mission also included providing low-barrier ways for youth experiencing housing instability to enter into support services and get additional help they needed. In some cases, CYSI also helped provide laundry machines at facilities that were able to utilize them.

Though the project started out of the LGBTQ summit, CYSI has always been about lifting up all youth, inclusive of LGBTQs, who make up anywhere from 20-40 % of the youth homeless population. Agencies receiving storage support included Mercy Home for Boys & Girls, Teen Living Programs, Broadway Youth Center at Howard Brown Health Center, El Rescate at the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, La Casa Norte, Center on Halsted, The Night Ministry, Brave Space Alliance and Northwest Compass.

The CYSI Storage Toolkit will be made available free through LYTE Collective, for agencies locally and nationally that serve any population facing housing instability. The report will be listed soon here:

The original needs assessment done with youth can be found here:

La Casa Norte Joy Menhennett and Devin Wise
Broadway Youth Center – Isiah Washup
La Casa Norte Devin Wise
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SummerDance Celebration Press Preview Rehearsals with two Chicago Dance Companies performing on Jay Pritzker Pavilion stage on Saturday, August 25

WHAT:                        SummerDance Celebration

                                    Rehearsals with two Chicago Dance Companies performing on Jay Pritzker

                                    Pavilion stage on Saturday, August 25 – INTERVIEWS AVAILABLE

 WHEN:                        Wednesday, August 22

                                    Noon-1 p.m.

 WHERE:                     Millennium Park

                                    Jay Pritzker Pavilion Stage

 WHO:                          Nan Giordano, Executive Director of Giordano Dance Chicago (GDC)

                                    T. ‘Ayo’ Alston, Executive Artistic Director of Ayodele Drum & Dance

VISUAL – Rehearsals for the Chicago Dance Showcase 

Giordano Dance Chicago (GDC), America’s original jazz dance company, will light up the Pritzker Pavilion stage with Pyrokinesis, choreographed in 2007 by Christopher Huggins. For complete details on the company visit

 Ayodele Drum & Dance is a diverse sister-circle of artists performing footwork along with West African drumbeats. The intricate movements of the dance are the roots of the modern Chicago tradition of footwork. Enjoy as they take audiences from the past to the future. Soli: T. Ayo Alston, Zaouli Choreography: Diadie Bathily, Atito Gohi, T. Ayo Alston and Imania Detry, Costumes: Harry Detry and Imania Detry, Footwork Choreography: Donnetta “Lil Bit” Jackson and Imania Detry. For complete details on the company, visit

The 2nd Annual SummerDance Celebration on Saturday, August 25 in Millennium Park will feature a full day of participatory dance competitions, social dancing, lessons and performances by local dance companies throughout the park from noon until 9 p.m.  A Chicago Dance Showcase at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion stage from 6:30 to 8 p.m. will feature performances by local dance companies Ayodele Drum Dance, Visceral Dance Chicago, Deeply Rooted, Puzzle League and Giordano Dance Chicago. Admission is free. For the complete schedule, visit

 Dancing representing many different styles and cultures will take place in every corner of Millennium Park. Updates and announcements (including weather-related announcements) will be shared on Facebook and on Twitter @SummerDanceChi, #ChicagoSummerDance. For more information, visit


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