A beautiful comment.

On the radio program Kerri, Sid and I work very hard for every guest to leave feeling uplifted and empowered. On of those guests, Randy Richardson, President of the Chicago Writer’s Association-chicagowrites.org, left us a particularly nice note:

On Sunday afternoon, I made my second appearance on Playtime with Sid and Bill featuring Kerri Kendall, a weekly 2-hour radio show on WCGO 1590-AM. What I love about the program is that it has the feel of being on a carnival midway. There’s a nostalgic vibe that hits you the moment you walk into the studio and see the vintage console radio under the bright colors of the “1590 WCGO is Chicago”logo that adorns the wall. The host of the program, William C. Turck sets the tone, passing out juice boxes and tossing aside pages of his script as soon as he’s done with them. Meanwhile, his sidekick Kerri ChakraZulu snaps selfies with guests without ever missing a beat. Across from me is the second hour’s guest, Charles D. Moisant, a comics artist, who, because he doesn’t have a mic, talks with handwritten note cards. Adding to the carnival-like vibe, Charles passes out beef jerky and draws caricatures of the guests. And, yes, the drawing that accompanies this post is the caricature he drew of me in just a matter of minutes while we were live on the air.

When the guest that I had invited to join me on the program, author Nadine Kenney Johnstone, and I exited the studio an hour later, we both had big smiles on our faces. It was that feeling you have when you unbuckle after riding a roller-coaster. That’s a pretty special feeling that they’re creating on
Playtime with Sid and Bill featuring Kerri Kendall. They broadcast every Sunday from 1 to 3 pm. I highly recommend that you jump on and tune in before the line gets too long.



A Lovely Garden: A Poem.


Young boys turn to young girls

To whittle away the time.

Young men turn towards war.

Comes a day when but a few young men remain.


In the bars and parks they congregate,

And polish their pain to badges of honor

With stories so bold.

Comes a time when the stories all sound the same.


And then as old men,

Dog-eared stories put away,

They turn to God

And perhaps a very lovely garden


The Prince of the Foster Ave Bridge…

Ana and I began distributing something to the homeless today because of the coming cold. Under the Foster Avenue Bridge I met Senad. His thin brown hair was He was sitting just inside a small donated tent. he hasn’t slept much lately. Someone is asleep beside him, hidden but for tennis shoes beneath layer old blankets and coats. It was rush hour. Traffic was backing up, and so was the exhaust. Senad’s health isn’t good. He’s lost many of his teeth, but when I said I knew Sarajevo like the back of my hand tears came to his eyes.
Senad said that he was once married and had a business. After his business collapsed his wife left him. Depressed, he started drinking. In the blink of an eye, it seemed, he was on the street.
“You know Sarajevo?” he asked, buoyed and uplifted.
“Like the back of my hand.”
“Burek,” he said, referring to a local meat pastry. “I miss burek.”
Senad tells me he fought during the war with a Bosnian special forces unit in Dobrinja 4, referring to a frontline apartment block that saw terrible fighting. He never thought about the war after getting sponsored to come here. Now, sitting in that tent under Foster Ave, he is haunted by terrible memories.
I tell him I was in Dobrinja during the war. I know how terrible it was there. he assures me that he will get back on his feet, and when he does he will take me to Bosnia as his guest and that I will want for nothing. His gaze at that moment is distsant. From this vantage point, at this moment, it is an impossible distance. Some part of him knows that.
i wish I could find him a way home. He says he has no one here. everyone he loves is in Bosnia. A bag of food and some clothes feels like such a paltry gesture. It feels like a drop in the ocean. I hand him a card. he speaks abstractly about a possible home assignment. I give him my card and tell him that when he gets a place I will help him with clothing, and do what I can to find him a job.
As I return to the car, I know full well there is a very good chance I will never see Senad again. The city swallows people up. The city has little mercy for its homeless. The city, and it’s princes, like Alderman Cappleman have used city resources to sweep people like Senad from the streets so as not to upset the new white wealth gentrifying the lakefront.
As I write this I am enjoying a meal of rice and chicken and salad. Senad may be lucky for a fruit cup…

Playtime with Sid and Bill, Featuring Kerri Kendall

For those who read or have read WC Turck’s Helter Skelter, you can also tune in live every Sunday from 1-3pm at 1590WCGO on Facebook for the Facebook Live Feed, at http://www.1590WCGO.com or on your radio dial anywhere within 90 miles of Chicago, including Rockford, Lake Geneva, Milwaukee, Joliet and Gary, Indiana.

The core mission of Playtime is to help make the case for stronger Arts funding and education in Illinois and the nation by demonstrating and highlighting the unique and profound effects it has on developing brains, which translates to every other aspect of learning and in engaging the world. We feel the best way to do this is to highlight the positive and profound effects the brain has on the developmentally challenged. On today’s program we continue that case in a discussion with EDGE of Orion Theater‘s Orion Couling and a brilliant new play, Steampunk Christmas Carol.

Hope to see you there!


Louis C.K. A Touching Tail

There was a time that I virtually worshipped comedian Louis C.K. Caustic and acerbic as he could be, he seemed to cut straight to the heart of things, deconstructing and finding humor in ways only comics can do. I should also mention here that I have a number of friends who are stand up comics, and I think it bears mentioning that for many comics the stage is a means of therapy.  There is truth that in pain comes creativity and Art, and stand up comedy very definitely is an art form.

On my MP3 player I have a stand up comedy file with better than a dozen different comics and  an untold number of short comedy spots. But Louis C.K. held a special place. He seemed to speak from the middle aged white man’s point of view, speaking on rape, homophobia, sex and marriage, marriage, Cinnabon, airports, getting older and more. Louis C.K. had his own separate file. Then…well, I neither can or will listen to another Louis C.K.  stand up ever again.

Jon Stewart knew, and said nothing. He’s done in my view, as well. People knew that Louis C.K. would act like some sort of animal predator, inviting female comics to his room only to begin masturbating in front of them. Who does that? Well, according to my wife and female friends, far more men than polite society wants to admit. Here is a guy who could and did have everything; money, notoriety, financial security, family, films, access, and who certainly would not have had any trouble meeting women, provided he wasn’t an absolute freak.

I found out about it last week when the news broke widely, though, as I said, apparently lot’s of people knew this was happening. Everyone around Harvey Weinstein knew about his perversion and even violence only to keep quiet as long as they got paid. And all of this moral outrage by an industry that facilitated Weinstein, Spacy, Louis C.K. and others like them is reprehensible in it’s own right. Roy Moore, a prosecutor, was trolling a high school in his 30s, and was banned from a mall for predatory behavior against under age girls! Now that the once mighty Rhino has been stumbled, finally all those long intimidated by his judicial power and bullying behavior has stepped forward. I risked my home and job speaking out against an egregious injustice committed by an airline CEO after September 11, 2001. Stand up, men, or you are just weak!

And please, Louis C.K.,  don’t attempt to explain this away as some sort of sickness. You failed to control yourself when you knew better. The quickness of your public apology confirms that. There is no apology Louis C.K. could offer. Forever what ever he does will be tainted by the specter of what he did to those young and only too trusting women.. How could you, Louis C.K. ? How could you do that to those women, first of all, and how did you ever think that fans would ever get past that in a million years. I’m not sure I would even want to buy a cup of coffee from you.

Angry? Yes, but more heart broken and disappointed more. You had bits that were more than stand up, but were brilliant transcendent observations of the human condition. What you did destroyed all that. It made that brilliance instead plastic and false, and there simply is no redemption except to take your millions and start from this moment striving to redeem yourself, quietly and anonymously, and where no one ever has to be reminded what they believed you were and what you actually turned out to be.

A touching tail? Sure, but not the one I ever wanted to tell.

Some of you may know…

…that I have a radio program in Chicago, the only commercial radio program dedicated to the Arts.  Playtime with Sid and Bill, Featuring Kerri Kendall, airs Sundays from 1-3pm on AM1590 WCGO.

We need your help to remain on the air. Sid Yiddish, Kerri Kendall and I have launch a Patreon subscription page, with fun incentives that will make you part of the show, and even bring you some original Artwork. Plus, if we reach our goal of $600 per month in subscriptions, all of our subscribers enter a raffle to win a collectors Elvis Bourbon decanter-unopened and still in the box, with bourbon now aged since the decanter was sealed in 1974, courtesy of Gus Valkanas and his family.
Your monthly subscription supports the only commercial radio program dedicated to the Arts in Chicagoland. We are the top-rated local program on 1590 WCGO after only 10 weeks on the air, and we are only getting started. If you don’t feel you can subscribe at this moment, please share the link below. Much love…

WTF in Texas…(WARNING: Very Graphic Language)

A good guy with a gun in Texas gets credit? The guy kills or wounds almost everyone in the church with a gun he “legally” purchased at a Texas store because all that he had to do was check a box that said he COULD buy a gun. He goes outside and gets into a wild street battle, bullets sailing all over the neighborhood. The guy jumps in his truck (Go figure), the “good guy” flags down a ride. They give chase-not cops by the way(Where the fuck were they in this little town?)-racing through lights and traffic and stop signs through town (Again…the cops? Little town!) shooting out of a speeding car at speeds of between 87 and 95mph. The bad guy crashes and shoots himself, and these two Rambo hillbilly fucks get credit from Trump, and their story fictionalized by the Right? Because the cops wouldn’t have caught up to this mope later, likely without endangering untold numbers of people? Well, considering a crime spree movie shoot ’em up took place in a tiny little town and the cops couldn’t quite get there before it was all over, did I say TINY LITTLE TOWN???!!!. The best way to stop one nightmare with a gun is to replace it with another nightmare with a gun?